By Anonymous - United States - Amherst
Today, my psychotic step-dad asked me if I'm doing drugs. I replied with a massive amount of sarcasm: "Yeah, all of 'em. Especially meth." He flipped out, searched my room top to bottom, then grounded me "for good" until I tell him where I hid the supposed drugs. FML
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  Rallred32  |  20

Maybe people didn't like his joke. Maybe the first couple of people to look at comments have different opinions than the ones later. Ex: I've seen a comment have -30 likes then look at it the next day and see he/she has 60 likes.

By  audreyfml1994  |  15

If you already know how temperamental he is, I can't imagine how using a great deal of sarcasm would've been a good idea. I know it's hard to deal with people like that without lashing out every once in a while, but the best thing that you can do is to just stick it out as best as you can until you're old enough to move out.