By Anonymous - 03/05/2011 08:19 - Canada

Today, my psycho stepmother and I got into an argument, and she started to get physical. After calling the police, and a cop showing up at the door, he took her side because she said it was "discipline". I'm a 29 year old man. FML
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You're never too old to be disciplined. Now get back to your naughty corner.


why is a 29 year old still living under his / her parents roof???

Just fight your stepmom.

YDi for still living with your parents. if you don't then YDi for letting your stepmom beat you up.

he's living with his step mom because he has a step brother named Brennan :P

Nice Step Brothers reference 25 ^^

haha thanks guys.. I love that movie!! :D

I think everybody loves that movie its hillarious :p

what 18 said just whoop that bitches ass

agree with 46. show her what you got. :)

40, what movie is it? I need to know! :D

55.. step brothers!!!!! lol

41- I hated that movie jsuk but I'm not a fan of Will Ferrell

92.. are you serious?? Will Ferrell is amazing!!

eat that white dog sh*t!!!

did we just become best friends?

Should of challeneged her to Mortal Kombat, crazy psycho step mom VS. 29 year old sad excuse of a man, who will win round 2?

"as soon as you fall asleep I'm goin to fill a pillow case with bars of soap and beat the shit out of you". love that movie

"as soon as you fall asleep I'm goin to fill a pillow case with bars of soap and beat the shit out of you". love that movie

haha 134 I love that part!!! :D.. did you just fart? I can taste it on my tongue is that ketchup, ketchup and onion? ok now the tuxedos seemed a little messes up..

just beat the shit out of her and say that it was just "discipline"

woop her fukin ass ..

Maybe he didn't want to hit a women,but I'm a girl too so I sure as he'll would lol

"She takes a glance from my chest pubes all the way down to ky ball fro..."

haha... so what do we do now? we could hug.. yeah I bet you'd like that faggot!.. sorry I'm new to this.. :D

that would make too much sense

But, it never said OP was actually living there in the first place, most likely OP was visiting, just saying.

Another reason why I FUCKIN HATE PIGS!!!

YDI Don't call your mother a psycho. even if you are a 100 years old, you'll always be her son. so you should respect her. and she has the full authority to discipline you even if you grow up and have grandchildren. I know that's how you want your kids to think about you.

it says his STEPmother. He can probably get away with calling her psycho, they're not blood related.

haha that really woould make too much sense aha

Try to stick her in a mental hospital, or in a box on the side of the road somewhere far far away haha.

#110 can go die. Abuse us never ok and if my mom ever did that I would call her a few other/ much worse things then psycho...

Step son learn to read

Why didn't you just leave? If you live with her: YDI. And seriously, you can't take your stepmom? YDI.

Its called not hitting a girl. You though, must do that. Respect your elders even if they are abusing you. You obv weren't raised in an abusive home. LOL

maybe shes just there for girl bonding time. were does it say that they live together. 5 ppl assume that... assuming makes an ass outa u

I'm not saying he should hit her, but he could've walked out the door. It's not like she can stop him, that's what I meant. But I really wasn't clear about that, sorry :) And no, I was not raised in an abusive home. But I don't think you have to respect your elders if they beat the shit out of you. @Nalia: I'm not assuming that he lives there, that's why I said *IF*. It's a possibility, no?

11 you don't have to live in an abusive home to know not to hit women. DERP.

I hate when people who have been abused feel like they gotta tell the whole world about it. We don't care.

lol 32 my thought exactly... not so much the not caring part... but the way they always have to throw it out there... lol awkward FML comments

32 51- Seriously. And people who do come from abusive homes don't go "shouting it from the roof tops." geez If someone is going to advertise their fake life they should at least know how to fake it. There are no "pity" buttons, sorry.

15- Says the person ASSUMING that OP is a girl, when in fact, they are a 29 year old man. It says this specifically in the FML.

learn to read buddy, she was talking about the step mother

people who have been abused don't feel like they have to "tell the whole world about it" they just want all the abuse to stop and want advice on the situation and they just want to have support from other people, that doesn't mean they are telling the "whole world". abuse is a serious thing and leads to depression, self mutilation, suicide ect. so most people that say something about abuse aren't looking for sympathy, but for advice and a way out of their current lifestyle. they just want help. I think people who aren't supportive to people who are being abused are just selfish and rood- u don't NEED to try and help -but at least act nice to them and apologize to them that they are in that situation or something. that's just my opinion though and if I offended anyone I didn't mean to, so I apologize in advance :)

You're never too old to be disciplined. Now get back to your naughty corner.

meh why are you surprised watch the show cops, they always side with the female...

I agree, now if that story was flipped, the cop would be beating the guy down.

Even though the majority of real life situations tend to side with women it is not in "Cops" best interest to show those scenarios on national television. If anything, the show attempts to persuade the opposites to avoid stereotypes like that.

YDI for not calling out stranger danger

that's why you move out when you become adult...

You may be male, but you are not a "man." You need to grow up, Peter Pan, and learn to fight. Cops think it is just pathetic when a dude gets beat up by a girl.

Guys shouldn't hot girls to begin with. So comment fail on your part.

Holy crap. Perdix's comment got burried. What is the world coming to??

why are you at home still? and you must need the discipline at 29 if your mom is given it to you...AND the police is on her side.

because his step brothers name is Brennan :D

lol Perdix... they do but when you win the arrest you, regardless of the circumstance