By really mature, GRAN - 25/12/2012 20:59 - United States - El Macero

Today, my psycho grandma yelled at me for being an "immature brat" by not offering to wash the dishes after dinner. I reminded her that when I offered last time, she raged at me for being "condescending". She responded by faking a heart attack and getting me indefinitely grounded. FML
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thelindseyyy 4

...gotta love the holidays, where you're forced to deal with crazy-ass relatives.

You just can't win...


Wow thanks grandma

You're welcome ;)

playing the Redd Foxx card eh grandma, well played.

thelindseyyy 4

...gotta love the holidays, where you're forced to deal with crazy-ass relatives.

To be honest, simply reading all these old people FMLs greatly enrages me. I can only imagine how bad holidays get for those with similar relatives... *massive spine-rupturing shiver*

Lennes 12

There's nothing quite like the holidays to remind us all how blessed we are that our extended family doesn't live with us.

Mearemoi 14

#42 - I resent that. I have to live with my grandmother and she rages out on my every day :(

You just can't win...

Tali147 16

Especially when your grandmother isn't afraid to fake a heart attack!

You may be able to win. You talk to her afterwards and say you'll try to give her a real heart attack by randomly scaring her at one point but not do so to make her just scared.... which may lead to a real heart attack.... hmm. I suppose you can't win.

I think it depends on what we define as a "win".

The opposite of Losing

BlueFlatts 20

OP should have pretended to be sick.

I mean it depends on whether a real heart attack would or would not be considered a victory for OP.

KommanderKush420 5

Which would explain why it's on FML >.>


Might I step in for you, Charlton, to say: Touché

Ill allow it

thehornytoad 7

Its TOUGH luck

Some people are just hard to please. It was immature on her part to flip out over something like dishes in the first place.

winkydog4056 16

#5_Totally irrelevant, but Winky LOVES your profile pic!!!!!!!!!! Classic Winnie the Shit & Piglet too......the best!

CharresBarkrey 15


Grandaughter: 0 Grandma: 1

I take it that you had a nice Christmas then?

Yes, I agree. I mean, who doesn't like being grounded?

PrincessLiLi_fml 7


old people these days..

BryanThaMan 14

Sounds like someone had one cup too many of "Christmas cheer" ;)

SystemofaBlink41 27

Can you enlightnen me? I don't get it...

If Grandma had had any Christmas cheer, she wouldn't have flipped out over OP not doing the dishes or, when reminded of her negative reaction last time, would not have faked a heart attack. Grandma is like the Grinch.

Respond by faking an allergic reaction to water as you're doing the dishes next time

54-There are people who have serious allergic reactions to skin contact with water. They can drink it, but if it spills on them or something they have a reaction

How do they shower?

They had a small documentary on all that. If you search around, I'm sure you'll find it. Long story short, they limit the time they spend in the shower, and how often they do it; They end up covered in red irritated rashes every time.