By Anonymous - United States - North Kingstown
Today, my psycho girlfriend tried to blackmail me into giving her money, threatening to show everyone the nude pictures I recently sent her. Except the pictures on her phone that she threatened me with weren't even of me. Nice to know I'm also being cheated on. FML
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  \  |  28

"Psycho Bitch" by Tech N9ne... now I understand why he wrote that song...


#11 ive always wanted a better remark than "Fuck that bitch" cuz it sounds like im saying to have sexual intercourse with the bitch in question. Thank you, so much for "Ditch that bitch" you have improved my life a long way just by blessing me with this

  hannaaaahr  |  33

I don't think spreading nudes is ever acceptable, even with the shit OP's girlfriend did. In a situation like this it's better to be the adult and take the high road.