By Anonymous - 10/07/2015 19:54 - Canada - Sudbury

Today, my phone kept beeping, so I put it on silent and went back to sleep. When I woke up later, I found the guy I went on a date with last night had sent dozens of messages. The first was "Good morning! :)" and the last was "Answer me u fuckin cunt!!!!" I think I'm staying single. FML
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Wow, crazy much?

MattStro 23

Somebodies a little impatient.


Wow, crazy much?

StiffPvtParts 43

OP dodged a bullet there ñ_ñ

Good idea! Get out before it's too late.

MattStro 23

Somebodies a little impatient.

Yup, just a little. ??

Never understood how this tactic worked for guys, rather, how they thought it would work well for them. It's happened to me a few times! Needless to say you kind of just want to sucker punch them in the throat for being such insecure pansies.

Looks like you've saved yourself time and strife.

I think avoid at all costs applies here :| Lets hope texting is as far as this goes.

karcummings 19


leogachi 15

Is this a thing? This should be a thing.

It is a thing. Look up the account bye Felipe on Instagram.

tantanpanda 26

Is bye, Felipe the male counterpart of bye, Felicia?

danceinconverse 25

Bye Felipe came first, so yes.

But "bye, Felicia" is a quote from the movie "Friday"... It's really old actually. Teenagers just started saying it not knowing where it's from

Keep their heads ringing.

connaughty0225 16

Well that escalated quickly.

"Lord of the Flies" comes to mind. Quick! Hide the sharp objects!

AnOriginalName 19

You keep referencing that book. I don't think that book means what you think it means.

mikeman1744 18

Run far