By Anonymous - United States - Murfreesboro
Today, my pet bunny died. My little sister is distraught and practically suicidal, because apparently she playfully pointed a wand at it a few days ago and said "avada kedavra". She's absolutely convinced that she killed it. FML
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  Khaleesi_26  |  30

Actually in the books it only points out that the three forbidden curses, are only forbidden to use against humans. Unless her bunny was an animagus in disguise, then she wouldn't go to Azkaban.

Also she wouldn't be expelled for using magic before she even got her hogwarts letter. Underaged wizards who don't know they are wizards aren't at fault for magic they do. (but she did know the curse.)

  airbear18  |  15

lol reminds me of A Very Potter Musical ... where Draco talks about pigfarts hahaha. but sorry to hear about your sister, :( that's not OK best of luck OP

  mollyjynxjax  |  28

@86: What exactly do you think happens to pets that don't end up being bought? It's perfectly acceptable to buy pets! As long as they're healthy and treated properly, why not! Craigslist is actually a really good place for finding pets. Also, many people can only afford to vet a cat/dog when there isn't a ridiculously high adoption fee involved. Hate to break it to shelters, but there is no way $200+ went in to an un-neutered dog that's been there a week!

By  colton_colton  |  49

What? You didn't know that's the killing curse?

By  Im2Shy  |  16

Bring her outside and get her to point her wand and say her magical words....when she seeing how many things are still living she might feel better :-)

  patrickeli  |  15

51 understands my point. I was a late bloomer when it came to this stuff. I still believed in it at 10. My mom was very frank about it when she found out I was actively trying to convince myself that Magic was real.

  TallMist  |  32

18 and I believe magic is real. There's nothing wrong with having your own beliefs about what is or what isn't real. My belief is that, while I believe God is real, I do believe that there are people on Earth that also does magic. Just my own belief.