By Shnur - United States
Today, my patient, a chubby little girl, stood on a scale to measure her weight. She was 5 yrs old and weighed 65 lbs. I started giving her advice on eating healthy: fruits, vegetables, and more greens. She turned to her mother giving a look of shock and said, "But mommy, the doctor is fat too!" FML
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By  ammali  |  0

Why the HELL is anybody saying the doctor deserved this? 5 years old and 65lbs is quite overweight. The average 5 year old is somewhere between 30-40, give or take a bit. The kid will have all kinds of health problems if something doesn't change soon, and Doc here was doing their JOB.

Also, #11 is right, the one who should be getting the lecture is dear old Mom and Dad, probably letting their kid eat too many snacks and sodas and junk. Poor kid.

By  got_rice  |  0

I'd say the kid's the one who should be saying that age, they really have no control over what they eat, so its entirely the parent's fault for letting them eat poorly.

  gabinel1  |  0

its not cos ur fat that u need health advices. Eating green is always better than eating chemicals and ogms even if your fat or skinny. Fyl thought, and the kid probably said that randomly cos she was mad.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

I want to know what the hell this doctor thought she was doing talking to the kid like she's the one who cooks!!?? Educate the mother, she's the one giving her the bad food! I am sure the 5 year old isn't the one hitting the drive thru and stocking the house with crap.
Let's wait till our kids are at least in middle school or highschool before we give them a huge complex about their looks! I know this should be about health but kids don't understand health, they understand pretty or not.

By  kwbuzz23wk  |  0

thats what you get for being fat and giving health advice.
drop some pounds if you wanna call other people fat.

unless of course you are using yourself as an example of what not to be.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

@149, it hurts because she's 5! She doesn't buy the food or chose what's for dinner or how much time is set aside for activities, the mother & father do. OP should have been talking to the mom about health instead of the kid about fat! She's 5, that's a little young to be giving her a complex about her size, mom. could fix it without the kid even hearing about it.
If its a matter if what the kid will or will not eat, that again comes down to parenting. I know moms with picky eaters but they still get in their greens and fruit. A night or two of fighting to get them to eat what you make them will generally do the trick, just can't cave and give them McDonald's you know. Its a test of wills with a picky eater, if this kid even falls into that category.

By  AnaDoll  |  0

Ahhaha, maybe you should listen to your own advice, I'd never want to listen to an over weight doctor.
and to #2, the little girl does not need to be smacked, she's FIVE. Five year olds just say what they think, and what they see, without realizing that it's sometimes rude. If she was like 12 it would have been a little rude.
ahh, the honesty of children

  TheAnon1313  |  28

Children don't actually have the mental capacity to acknowledge that something they've done or said is wrong/rude until they're seven years old or older. She should be told that it wasn't nice, but she can't be expected not to do it again.