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Today, my parents told me they don't think I'll ever find a boyfriend, and insist on referring to my future cats as their "grandkids". FML
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GrandKIDDENS! I'm sorry

FYL for having unsupportive parents :(


Oh hun I hope they were joking

What really sucks is cats only live for 20 years or less on the average so much for long term

why? I don't want kids and my 2 cats act like kids, so they are my kids and they have aunts, grandparents. uncles. lol and my family just has a furry niece and nephew.

I'm with you, 28. My cats and dog are my children, but I'm gathering from the FML that OP probably does want children someday and is having her feelings crushed by her parents. FYL, OP.

right. the parents are just being jerks, but it's not their decision or anything on when to have kids and a relationship. maybe OP doesn't want one right now, or maybe she does. who knows. regardless As long as the OP is happy how things are that's all that matter and the parents need to just butt out. simple as that. they definitely did not need to go around hurting people's feelings so they can get what they want.

FYL for having unsupportive parents :(

Unsupportive? Psssh okay! My grandpa calls my kittens his boys. When he comes to visit me he'll yell, "Its grandpa! Where's my boys? Booooys awww how are you today." I'm 19 and not going to be having children till I graduate six years of College. So I think of my kittens as my babies. Literally. My mom won't even touch my cats with a stick. If my dad pays them any attention. Its to torment them, by shoving them into a cylinder cat tower and rolling them sideways across the room. I tried to get my parents to accept them as their grandchildren! They hate my little kittens though!

The difference 32 is that you have cats, Op doesn't even have cats yet. They're just making fun of her, not trying to accept the kittens as family.

Oh my bad. My cat cracked the screen on my phone. It's kind of hard to read things now, so I didn't see the word future.

I didn't read "future" cats until the second time around. No worries. :)

I'm actually surprised my parents haven't resulted to this yet. :/

GrandKIDDENS! I'm sorry

Lol! I'm going to hell for laughing at this!

They were probably joking but it's still not right of them to say that

Most of us will be stuck with a house full of cats! Don't worry OP your not alone ;)

I'd prefer to be stuck in a house full of puppies to be honest

Common occurrence. Mine are the "grandkitties" and spoiled like real grandkids.

How old are you because if you are not over 40 you still have plenty of time to find someone that truly loves you for you :) than you make babies :)

That's when you adopt a stray cat and start referring to it as your new sexual partner.

On the bright side, cats are far far FAR less of a burden than kids.

I'd take pets over kids any day, but that's just me. I've never wanted children, ever. I doubt it'll change either. It's fine with me though; just gives me more funds, time, and space to rescue animals. ;)

Poor you. I hope you get a boyfriend soon!

some people prefer to be single and independent, without any worries or sacrifices that come with relationships