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better now than never.

This gives me hope - maybe I'm adopted after all. My parents keep denying it.


better now than never.

I think I would rather never be told to be honest.

Does it even really make a difference?

YDI for still living with your parents. Get a job.

18: He might have just been visiting

3 I agree! what would be the point of knowing? it could only lead to curiousity of why your real parents did that and trying to find them, etc. which could lead to dissappointment

At least they never tried to return you, so it couldn't have been bad. Your parents were probably 17 year old meth addicts.

If your parents had some kind of hereditary illness that you need to be aware of, then yeah. You'd think you'd need to know a lot earlier than 33 to at least find out their medical history...

Agreed with 3 or maybe they just want you out of the house.

What's wrong with knowing? I agree with OP that his parents should have told him much sooner. It's funny how I hear loads of people wishing they were adopted cause they don't want to share the same DNA with their parents, who they think are weird or crazy.

sloppyflow I'm not trying to see you naked...

^ you dont even " have" to try.

What's wrong with being adopted?

they were probably waiting for him to lose his virginity haha

33 years of bliss. :)

ohh 33 years of pure love :)

That's messed up.

Uh whats the problem again?

I don't see why parents aren't honest from the start... I think the people who react badly to the news are more upset that they've been lied to for however long rather than the fact that their adopted.. I know thats how i would feel..

No kidding. I don't get the taboo with being adopted either. I knew I was adopted my whole life, and it's made me thankful for having the life I do now. Had I not been adopted, I would've been a lot worse off.

Yeah my cousin found out he was adopted when we were both 16 from outside sources. He didn't start searching for his biological family until my uncle died. He finally met them and after seeing the hard life they led, he was very thankful my uncle and aunt raised him.

Absolutely true. I was adopted at birth, and my parents have never kept it a secret from me. They just treated it like a completely normal thing. My ex was also adopted, but his parents didn't tell him until he was about eight years old. He really struggled with it and found it really hard to accept. Just tell your child from the beginning and they should have no problems. I'm sorry about this, OP.

This gives me hope - maybe I'm adopted after all. My parents keep denying it.

well I'm adopted and I just found out 2 months ago and I'm 14. my parents kept denying it too until they got the courage to tell me...

What is wrong with you knowing at this age? Maybe they bought you for $33?

ouch....bad joke

bad jokes make me laugh hahaha

Couch.... comfy seat.

not cool dude. not cool at all. I was adopted and it's rough sometimes so saying things like that can really get to people

Aww:((((( I DON'T CARE! Go whine elsewhere!

I'm not whining. you're just being a dick

How am I being a dick? This is FML everyone has different opinions.

yes but you saying you don't care is not the nicest thing to say. but oh well, not a huge deal

Hey! I cared for a few seconds! Then life moved on so then I stopped caring. And yes no biggie.

ah ok i see where you're coming from. life goes on. it's all good now :D

Thumbs up! :D

Thumbs right!

Not even remotely funny. This is a horrid thing to say; try thinking about things first, assclown.

wow mangavox your quite an your sense of humour is terrible, seriously you are as funny as watching a fire hydrant.. if you werent adopted consider yourself lucky cause no parent would have picked a dumb igorant kid like you!

I don't care what your opinion is, go bitch somewhere else pleeaseeee!

this was actually funny :) made me lol. good joke :)

oooh, I'm sorry op :-/

Well, so long as they've always treated you right, why should it matter? They've told you, so you can chose to persue it if you want, but if they really love you, it might have been hard on them to admit it to you as well.

I see what you're saying but if I was told at his age I would be pretty upset to say the least. I found out when I was 5 or 6 which may very well be too young but I started asking questions and my parents couldn't avoid answering for much longer

I'm not saying the parents shouldn't have told the OP, but that the reason it might seem 'overdue' might be because they couldn't bring themselves to tell them. They might have planned to tell the OP at say eighteen or twenty one, but each time they tried they just couldn't. Maybe because they didn't want the OP to look up his biological parents because they were bad people, or maybe simply because they were worried about how it would affect their own relation with the OP.

I definitely agree. But from OP's point of view, it must be really rough. Hopefully OP's parents had a good reason for not telling him or her like some of the ones you mentioned

I told my son at about the same age also. We got a lot of childrens books about addoption. With OP though, his parents are probably from the older generation where adoption was looked down upon. They may only have told him for medical reasons. It always annoys me that people still look down on adoption....

It annoys me too, 67. It's really a great thing to do. Especially if you have children who's parents simply can't afford to take care of them, or worse, they past away. Being adopted, it's hard for me to understand why so many people look down upon it. I get really defensive when it comes to this subject because people can be so rude and uncaring about it.

I think adoption is a great thing to do and I definately don't look down upon it, but I can understand how the adoptive parents might find it difficult to tell a child that they are adopted. I'm not sure if I can understand how people look down upon it, I guess it depends what their reasoning for doing so is... If that makes sense. Basically I agree with RedPill and Keepmeonthedl.