By justwantedtounpack - United States
Today, my parents threw a hissy fit calling me ungrateful and disrespectful for wanting to do laundry and clean at home, instead of going out to their friends' house for dinner. They also disconnected the Internet to punish me when they left. I'm 20 and visiting home on a college break. FML
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By  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

Could be worse. I'm 21 live at home still but work 50 hours a week while going to school full time. Both my parents are unemployed and sit on their asses playing their laptops while screaming at me to clean when I need sleep.

  brand125  |  17

i think #3 is just being sarcastic, but i cant tell.

if they were trying to impose a rule within the house then yes, they have that right. but dragging someone into a differnt house that the op didnt want to be isnt warranted, i mean unless they just didnt want op in the house unsupervised, but then they would just have to kick you out. but you cant force someone to travel with you

By  amileah13  |  26

You'd think they would be grateful! And that they'd stay home to spend time with you before you went back to college! Sheesh!

By  iTzSelverZz  |  14

They must miss you so much that they want you by there side all the time. Or crazy!

By  nela25  |  23

I think the issue is that they haven't seen you in a few months at least, and when you actually did come to visit them, you want to stay home and not spend time with them, even if it is at a friend's house. Trust me, my parents are the same. Entertain the idea at least for a bit. Theres always time to do laundry in college, not free, but still haha.

  badmandilon  |  19

I agrede with you #8. I don't think their parents got mad because OP wants to help, but because they want to spend time as a family with their friends. I would do it, is not a big deal if it's not too often.