By hateparents - 11/10/2009 11:25 - Australia

Today, my parents met my girlfriend's parents for the first time. They not only brought along embarrassing childhood photos of myself, they'd 'accidentally' placed an intimate photo of me and my ex-girlfriend with them. That was their subtle way of telling everyone they prefer my ex. FML
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Where did they get this intimate photo?? That's the real issue here..

It depends what you mean by intimate..


Where did they get this intimate photo?? That's the real issue here..

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i agree did you give them the photo or else there is a bigger issue here

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What? Doesn't every couple ask their parents to take pictures of them having sex, or is it just me?

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Lmfao :] that comment made me smile. My thoughts exactly

myself is a reflexive pronoun, its not an excuse to not know the difference between where to use me and i


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what rhe fuck, you people need to remember not everyone uses the term intimate in every case as another term for fucking etc... on that same token the context here suggest there is nothing dirty about that particular photo that is more in the lines of them hugging or a quick kiss or something. you damn people need your minds removed from the gutter.

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furthermore, I would imagine that that would be the type of photo one would have had out in the living areas of the home if the parents new her well an they had been together a while an it was well taken and flatering to both parties, so ot was possibly "public" in that since that in the event they did go their seperate ways the parents might have picked the photo up for keepsake. on my final note however it was a bit overbearing and rude for them to do that so it is an issue that needs to be resolved.

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that should be knew with a k excuse my typing I am on a phone while at work.

Okay, seriously dude. No one does that shit anymore. x

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Actually, they do, which is the sad part :(

I still don't know why "First!" is annoying... However, "I agree with #1,000,000", THAT is really annoying.

Well he also posted "First" even though he was 2nd. _________________________________

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If people stop making a fuss everytime a troll posts "FIRST!" and etc, then they will eventually stop doing it. It's all just a plot to get attention, unfortunately. = Y'know, trolls are like cats. Feed them once, they'll never go away. [small] Hehe... "doing it." *immature giggle* [/small]

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Soooo that went well........ :/

fail. nice try though.

It depends what you mean by intimate..

I was just thinking that. Everyone seems to be assuming "intimate" photo = sex photo. To me, that doesn't necessarily seem the case. Intimacy isn't synonymous with sex. :/ I would consider a photo of my boyfriend and I kissing to be intimate, which wouldn't be that peculiar for a parent to get ahold of. To OP, that was unacceptable behaviour on their part and you need to have a talk with them. Whether or not they preferred your ex is irrelevant, who you're with and want to be with is what's important and they need to see that.

haha you have awesome parents!

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Oh my God. That's just awful. Find and burn every trace of those pictures.

Discrete. I agree with #1, how did they have that photo??

actually, the post was correct: discreet.

:ooooooo /:ooooo :()poooop

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why do your parents have an intimate photo of you in the first place?