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Today, my parents made me a steak dinner to celebrate me visiting home from college. I've been a vegetarian for eleven years. This is the third time they've done this. FML
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Hmm...just a thought, but I don't think this was posted as a for/against debate. My guess is that the OP was just upset about the fact that this dinner, prepared FOR her, was full of food she has refused to eat for a long time. It sounds like the parents are one way and so they think their offspring should be the same. It's no different than if the OP was lesbian and when she got home they had the hot new neighbor guy over and tried to hook them up. I'm guessing that would give some laughs, but many more arguments that it was wrong. The fact is, the OP chose a certain lifestyle and the parents not only ignored it but tried to force their own lifestyle on her. Cut her some slack, once again...this dinner was supposed to be a "welcome home" meal.

somebody doesn't want you to be a vegitarian


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Oo. your parents must not care.

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are u a lesbian

Kimberly_Isabel 7

Either they are hinting something or you are just away for too long periods until they forget.

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I don't understand how ou can be a vegetarian, I mean seriously, how can you not like meat?

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me too roaming gnome!

thatguy888 0

I didn't mean to type this

kram02 2

ydi for being a vegetarian... xP

but you did it anyway :/

It's your dad saying, "Welcome home! Now eat my meat."

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Gross, 23.

but steaks sure are good!

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I dislike steak. I admire you OP, I failed miserably at being a. vegetarian at least 3 times. I admire your will power.

my food shits on your food.

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I wouldn't have failed if it wasn't for chicken...stupid hooters hot wings :/ omnomnom.

what else can I beat for you frosty?

it's their good excuse to have steak.

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haha I'm a vegetarian too, my dad does tht all the time to get to to convert.

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so my comments keep getting modded... I admire the OPs will power. Hooters hot wings were the reason I couldn't be one :/ watch my comments reappear. you should just stop going to your parents.

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I love tacos! :d

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whoa hAha

I like chinchillas!

YDI for being vegetarian. Siriously your depriving your body of nutrients god intended for you to have.

Well, I'd rather have a slightly fat girlfriend then a beanpole girlfriend but that's just my crazy-ass preferance

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SOTY, you're back :D

And more reclusive 0.o I can't engage in all out forum talk on this website, I've already been banned at least 5 times, I'm not risking it again

lexa, my comments get modded off too.

Haha 23 is made of win

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dayum! And I haven't at all yet o.e I won't provoke you :3 I dint understand why some comments get modded while others don't.

We are "innapropriate" =3

tekcor 2

It has been scientifically proven that humans are predators, thus we eat meat. I mean, what are we going to hunt, plants? Real sport there. Humans are meant to be carnivores. Not hippies. Eat Meat. Eat Steak. Eat Bambi.

LexaDear 0

my comments are somewhat relelvant usually.

Actually we are omnivores, carnivores eat ONLY meat I find absolutly nothing wrong with eating meh spinich and other leafy greens But dang, eat some meat every so often

YDI for being a vegan

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:( guys...I got a week ban. Yeah carnivores only eat meat. Omnivores eat plants and animals :3 herbivores eat plants.

If we were natural omnivores we'd have sharper teeth and snouts. The human body is naturally built to be vegetarian. I'm not hoing to argue that it's better and that everyone should be one, but I do think so..

Going*, not hoing. Stupid anti-flood. LEMME POST


if we're supposedly meant to be vegetarians why can't we digest lettuice and corn and stuff? oh yeah because evolution decided that was unnecessary and instead built us more to be omnivores :) yay meat

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tekcor 2

We do have sharper teeth, you know the pointy ones designed for tearing meat? Our eyes are on the front of our face, not the side, making us predators. We're built hunt. I said carnivore because I'm not certain if we're meant to be omnivores, or we're just being dumb humans. Eating plants is just fine today, but I'm not convinced we're meant to. I mean, humans will eat anything. Take the Jalepeno. Spicy for a reason: don't eat it. What do we do? Grow to be harvested. Corn: not digestable. But yummy. One thing is for certain, we were not meant to be vegetarians. Carnivore = Predator, Herbivore = Prey. So let's eat the vegetarians. Oh, and for every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three. Maddox has the right idea.

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lol my professor with a fucking PHD in the evolution of humans told us that eating meat and drinking milk were the dumbest things humans have done. idk if that's true but he says that everything we get from meat we can get from fruits and vegetables.

tekcor 2

Milk? We're mammals.

adare 0

FYL it's happened to me too but what's wrong with vegatarains? I don't eat meat because i just don't like it.

lol drinking milk- babies feed of milk yes? lol I tink he shud be stripped of his phd 

sorry for typos I'm ill and I'm on an iPod 

SeedlessMe 13

ok well Cow's milk is obviously not made for humans, supergirl is right about that. It is made for baby cows. The only milk we are supposed to drink is that of our mother's. and JMWHS, you can't digest corn? Do you chew your food at all? or just shovel it all in and gulp it down? ask a doctor! there is, right now, old, rotted meat stuck in your intestines, Not veggies!

monnanon 13

lol I've heard that too supergirl. Apparently being lactose tolerant is quite odd. I've heard a few times that drinking milk after your childhood years is bad for you as milk plays havoc with a lot of things but even with this knowledge i cannot stop myself drinking milk and eating cheese lol. Im not sure if eating meat is a stupid thing as we do get a lot of nutrients out of it but I've also been told that red meat can really back your digestive system up because we cannot digest that fully either.

113 - your prof seems right 111 - eat other humans also if u r meant to be carnivorous, jackass

eazyeeze 0

129-agreed. 113- if you're such an avid meat eater, then you shouldn't have problems swallowing some cock. Mad cow disease, avian flu, swine flu- all the great perks of meat consumption :)

eazyeeze 0

Correction: not 113. meant to direct that to #111. apologies to 113...your post seems legit

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vegetarians live at least 3 years longer than people who eat meat...

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ydi you damn veggie!

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What the hell is wrong with you people!Sure on occasion I have to eat some meat,but I find it disgusting,and I feel sorry for the animals.If you all really want some meat,get a fucking gun and eat your stupid friends!

I we were only meant to eat meat why did cavemen hunt?

Hey #129 and #141, maybe you should think about staying in school. There's a difference between being a carnivore and being a cannibal.


well seedlessme I took your advice and I did ask a doctor and here's what came of it: Dr. Adams fully explains why ALL humans can not digest corn and how you can chew it up so it's less noticable but it's definitely still there so good day to you all; I'ma get my burger on now :D

they probably do like meat, it's prolly because of something they believe in or they want to help the animals... -.-

OliviaNicole 5

Lifes a bitch, if it were easy it'd be a slut. Deal with it already, vegetarians are just missing out on the most delectable thing ever - red meat.

People with PhD's can still say dumb stuff. The fact that we could get our proteins from vegetables doesn't mean it's stupid to search for other sources. If he were that much of an expert in "the" evolution, he'd know that our closest relatives, like chimpanzees and gorillas eat insects and small animals as part of their diets. Now, if he made the choice of having only the vegetable sources of protein an nutrients, that's a very respectable option, same as OP here. And I think his/her parents should respect the choices and make some steak for themselves to celebrate, but also make a nice veggie-wise celebration meal for their kid.

146 - 111 himself said "let's eat the vegetarians", that means he is interested in eating other humans who do not eat meat. Retard, first read the posts entirely and think why someone else would comment in a certain way before opening your mouth which stinks of meat.

Rofl. I tip my hat to you, obvious troll, who circle jerks to insulting comments. And it's obvious that the "let's eat vegetarians" was a joke, whereas the other two comments took the joke seriously. Now go masturbate into your mother's panty drawer. ;)

fylyo. the correct term for lesbians are vagetarians. meat = protein so they need to becom carnivores or omnivores

ydi for being a vegan. it's not healthy.

Mythbusting on fml: 1) If you don't eat meat, then you don't get alle the nutrients you need. I don't eat any meats except from wild fish (which I eat very rarely), and I've never been healthier. My iron levels are very high, and I get alot of proteins from the varied diet I have, with a lot of different vegetables, dark bread, and some dairy and eggs. And I don't take any supplements - at all! 2) If you're a vegetarian, you must HATE meat. I mean, the only reason to be a vegetarian is because you love the animals and think meat is discusting, right? No. I'm a vegetarian because of the lack of resources that is needed for everyone to eat meat. Because of the growth of meateaters in China and India (the latter have lived mainly as vegetarians for several thousand years for religious reasons, and have managed just fine), we're going towards a world where you can't possibly grow enough food for everyone. I don't think meat is discusting in any way, I've even worked with all kinds of raw meat in a supermarket for 2 years (1 year as a vegetarian). And really, I'm not doing it for the animals. Ignorant people bother me. Meat eaters don't bother me at all, unless they're trying to fit all those who happens not to eat meat into a box labeled "hippies-that-love-the-animals" (no offence to hippies that actually love the animals).

Why do you care? Seriously, why do people hate vegetarians? as long as we don't try pushing our believes on you, why should you care? Eat meat if you want and let us stay away from it. It's not like we are hurting omnivore people by being herbivore. More meat for you guys right? :)

Humans are omnivores, that's a scientifically proved fact. But you are right on one thing; humans aren't meant to be vegetarians. But we can be so why not let the wants who want to be, be right?

160 - I think 111 told you that it was a joke while you were giving head to him. Now I see where that is coming from. My bad ;)

My dad does that kind of stuff too, and everytime we go to the store he practically shoves the meat in my face.

174 Yeah, we had a thing where I went first and your mother had to lick up the remainder like the whore she is. ;)

sk8r_boiii 0

I hope he's rite cuz it's taste better than vegtables

tekcor 2

Wow, personal attacks, nice. I make legit points with some humor thrown in, and you resort to unfounded attacks. Of course of the gay variety. You have the grace of a one legged horse and the tact of Amy Winehouse. Bravo.

Yeah, you make a joke about "eating vegetarians" and everyone takes you seriously. Lol @ them. I mean, really, who the fuck takes "let's eat people" seriously? As for the other guy, pay him no mind. He's obviously new at trolling, because I can scald with the best of 'em. Madarchod = FailTroll

The tact of Amy Winehouse? Lol, you are full of win!

202 - I didn't bring your mother into this coz it's between you and me. You look immature who resort to such tactics when they don't win with logic.

Haha that's hilarious, coming from the person who said I was a retard and that apparently my breath stank of meat, then started in on sexual habits. It's all fair game when you start it, bucko. ;) So that means I can use your mother, your dead great grandmother, whoever I please. Because hey, it's the Internet, and I don't take you seriously because of that. :)

While we're on that line of thought though, I won't use your dead great-grandmother. Poor dried-up old biddy has probably seen enough use over the years, if you get my drift. ;) And with that, I bid thee adieu, I see a rather entertaining new FML up on the home page. See you around, sweetie pants. And remind me to pay your mom for helping me with that little issue...

ydi for being vegetarian

214 - You are right. You can say such things over Internet only. Who wants to get his ass beaten afterall? No point in fighting with a pig in the mud, so it's time to get out of mud and let the pig rock and roll. Gud luck.

pwincessa23 1

so eat the dam steak.

215... we are not running out of meat lol populations are not growing that fast and cattle industies can be based on supply/ demand

Melgros 0

We didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat carrots. ydi for being a vegetarian, dumbass.

Reenababe96 0

well I think it takes patience and hard work to b a vegitarian for eleven frikken yrs i lasted like a month hahahah

bozo92 0

not to be dicked but il let you in on a little secret, they probably didnt forget anything, they probably just get weirded out and want ya to eat meat.

99 your fucking retarded. we ARE natually built omnivores. our front teeth are made for tearing meat and out back teeth are made for chewing vegetables and plants. if we were made for eating plants alone, all our teeth would look like molars. if your a vegetarian then your going against God's human design. we need protiens and other vitamins from meat because plants don't supply enough for how were made. and a sharp snout has absolutely nothing to do with eating meat. our mouths are the way they are because that's how they were shaped during evolution. there's no need for us to go digging through a carcass for meat with our faces because we have tools that do it for us. again, your a fucking retard and thank you for being the fag of the day. and don't straighten your hair, being vegetarian is gay enough bro.

GGimabeast 5

you don't get swine flu from eating meat, genius.

Maybe it would be good if you made it right? and deer season starts soon!!!! I'm going my some of my family's land on the 29th :D I cab give you some of it? I love in Texas too.

150- I love to help animals... I help by first buying a good bow with a good FPS then I help by hiding in the woods and waiting. the the best part... Of helping is when I shoot the animal right through the heart killing it fast so it doesn't feel as much pain... And that is how I help animals :) oh and I don't leave it out in the woods... I eat it! Mmm

Life_is_FML 22

How does that make ANY sense? Also OP I'll sympathize for you. I'm a vegetarian too and my family didn't take me seriously.

Life_is_FML 22

Seriously? Fudge you. That is not true at all. I'm a vegetarian and I get by just fine. It is scientifically proven that protein from plant sources are way more nutritious for you than animal sources. Beans,cheese, milk, soy, nuts, all of those have plenty of protein. Do me a favor, and actually know what you're talking about before you go spouting crap.

yzzami 17

Your professor is an idiot. Human females have breasts that supply milk to feed their babies. How does he not know this?

yzzami 17

You know eggs is technically meat right? Its an undeveloped chicken fetus

99, humans have some sharp teeth. Called canines. You know, the little pointy things that aren't for eating rabbit food?

My_Deathbed 0


somebody doesn't want you to be a vegitarian

Meat is like crack. One try, and you're hooked.

At least it's only three times since you were eleven, dear. It's not like they do it to you every other day.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Eleven years. :P

Ah! Forgive me for the error. I'm a little tired this morning. Just the same, three times in eleven years. Can you really be mad at them?

Raleigh_bruh 7

Yah, I don't understand why Op would get mad over something like this.. Like you said Mirorbo, if it happened more often then I could see the cause for Op's frustration.

LexaDear 0

nice new picture :D

Raleigh_bruh 7

Thank you, Lexa. :] Hey by the way, did you ever get that whole pic creeper situation figured out?

LexaDear 0

no :/ she didn't respond. but I know she's been online since she favorited some fmls. I haven't seen any comments though.

The complaint is they have done this the past three times while she was visiting home, it was a dinner celebrating her and they made something she won't eat for it.

Take a hint. stop upsetting nature and be a omnivore

Your upsetting nature you lameass square

Wtf we are meat eaters dumbass :P I'm going to kill my a nice buck on the 1st want some?

"Now, I'm gonna want the milksteak, boiled over hard, and a side of your finest jelly beans - raw."

samanthadude 0

Maybe this is their way of saying they want you to eat meat. :P Honestly, how could you give up meat? :/

adolf_bonaparte 0

true that... it's time to man up... we were eating and enjoying meat for thousands of years until vegetarians (and some liberals) came along :/

boatkicker 4

Political name calling? *sigh* I guess I should point out that political terms were a bit different back in the 500s BC, which is right around when vegetarianism got it's big start.

sheribb 5

urgh that would piss me off

mmmmmm yum. steak. I bet it was a choice cut too. probably cooked to perfection, nicely marinated and oh so tender!

I'm a vegetarian. anyone got a problem? meat makes me feel dirty and gross.

Only if you feel meat eaters are murderers and you're "superior" to them.

skyttlz 32

I'm vegetarian.. and honestly I don't like meat. I've been veg for long enough for me to be used to it.. now when I eat meat I get sick. it's not something u can easily start re-eating.

I'm sorry.. but I do feel bad for you. although you are probably healthier than mist frequent fast food diners. do you eat tofu?

jablome 6

Maybe you are dirty and gross anyway?

This is one of the few comments on FML that made me actually laugh out loud. Well done :)

22 you are dirty and gross because you sell your vagina to old men for 5 cents an hour.

I don't have a problem with that. it's a personal choice and if other people don't like it, they can shut up. if vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat? hahaha

Life_is_FML 22

I'm also a vegetarian. Ever since I was six, eating meat made me feel cruel and sick. Yes, I will admit that meat is good, but not good enough to kill innocent animals. You can eat meat. Fine. Just don't make fun of me or disrespect my beliefs. That's all I ask for.