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Today, my parents made a list of all the things they could have done had I not been born. FML
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Make a list of things you would do AFTER you throw them in the old house...

I tried to justify what the parents did but it couldn't be done. Fyl Op


I tried to justify what the parents did but it couldn't be done. Fyl Op

Agreed. Remember adults, if you know you won't support it, abort it.

bertman21 5

Make a list of how life could be better without asshole parents

I guess they should've worn a condom then

Curious if this list was said to OP or if they went snooping and found it? Kids are damn expensive, I'm sure there are a lot of parents who have thought about what they coulda done with the money spent raising a child.

24- That doesn't just apply to adults...

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Really? Abort it? How about, if you don't want kids then use protection. If you get pregnant, give it up for adoption. People are too quick to throw out advice about abortion.

Look, it's not your business what others decide to do if they get pregnant. Maybe in your opinion it's wrong but others will always disagree. Also, what happens to the girl who gets raped and becomes pregnant?!? Is she just supposed to live with that kind of pain cause some sick bastard held her down?!?!?

Don't abort it! That's not the baby's fault that theyre not supported! Go and let him and her have a future. Or adoption.

This isn't the place to have an abortion debate. The FML didn't even mention an abortion, some person who thought they were funny did.

24 your cool dickhead you think it's okay to just suck out an innocent being that grows to be like you and me... asshole

It would really kinda suck if that list included having a different child. I hope for your sake it didn't op.

Well that's some nice parents you got there. Did u get to read the list?

Ahhhh, the good ol' "What If?" list. Sorry you had to hear that, original poster. Unfortunately, a lot of people make these lists. Usually, they are about "What if I left 5 minutes earlier and was at the bank while it was robbed...etc." Your parents didn't realize making that list, and showing it to you, would negatively affect you.

So what if they could've had a Ferrari or live in a bigger house? I'm sure that the list wasn't serious, cause they made the decision to have a baby. They must've thought about it. And after all, you're their wonderwall. And they dont wanna miss a thing. I'm sure they couldn't live without you, OP.

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Doesn't that make the parents alpha male? It's there money it'd make them alpha male if it was their own money.

Ignore the idiot troll, guys. I'll just sedate him and get him back to his room.

What is this? I don't even...

Cops would be the alpha male when they arrest OP for credit card theft...

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That would just make his parents regret having him even more?>.>

44, here on FML, we always finish our sentences because people will...

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I'm going to snort bath salts and alpha male your face off.

3, I'm really glad I am not your parent, & feel very sorry for whoever is.

Your spelling, grammar, and overall command of the English language (and I suspect any language) is atrocious. I just don't understand how people can make posts such as yours and not be embarrassed. #judgingyou

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This isn't Twitter. Stop with the hash tags already. Please.

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Gooby pls.

That isn't even coherent.

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110 - Your high school literacy level won't matter when I eat your face off.


123 don't encourage it

Make a list of things you would do AFTER you throw them in the old house...

That's so hurtful. I have 4 kids and I don't regret a single moment.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

4 kids at age 27? Christ lady, stop shitting out so many air-suckers.

You're a fucking cunt, you know that? She can have as many kids as she likes. And maybe they were multiples. Give it up while you're only a little behind.

Don't judge me, you know nothing about me.

I do know that you said something completely out of line. That was rude and distasteful.

Thank you 22 :)

Know what, I'm not sure why we're all getting thumbed down. And I'm not sure why my comment came in two parts.

olpally 32

22- c*nt is a very inappropriate word to use on the Internet... I would never use that word to any extent, that's crossing the line... Calm down... Don't talk to people like that... That's why you get thumbed down...

43- What #19 said to #5 really crossed the line. Not only did they insult her, they insulted her children. And I'm going to stick up for her. That was mean. Saying something is the right thing to do. And I AM calm. Cool as a cucumber. C:

It isn't anyone's business how many kids a person chooses to have. Where I live, it's completely normal to have that many kids by that age. Of course everyone is different, and if you disagree with 5's choice, then do things differently in your own life. But if they are being loved and taken care of, it shouldn't matter to anyone. At least there are great people out there willing to love and take care of these kids. Heaven knows there are far too many people who beat or abandon their children these days. We need more people out there like #5. So stop bashing someone because of the life they've chosen for themselves.

olpally 32

46- I understand what you're saying, but you need to learn to when to take a joke, granted it was harsh, but it didn't really warrant calling that person what you called them... Just saying.

The worlds population has doubled in the last 40 years. It's on track to double again in another 20. The population is the root cause of most of the worlds environmental issues. That's why it's wrong.

My kids are very much loved and very well taken care of. That's all that counts.

52- Then go kill yourself...stop being part of the "problem" (or at least you seem to think it is a problem) and instead be part of the solution.

52- You are saying its wrong for people to be born because it hurts the are a dick. How would you feel if you were told you could not have children because it is harming the environment?

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It's okay to have any number of children if you love and support them. What angers me is when irresponsible people are rewarded. I worked all through college and got little help with finances. But there was a 24y/o I knew who was pregnant with her 4th kid, from the 3rd father, and she was receiving over $2,000/mo in food stamps and cash assistance, plus free housing and tuition from the government, not to mention health care and child support. She said she just didn't like using condoms. I tried very hard to make responsible choices, but now I get taxed more and helped less because I don't have kids. 5- I'm not saying anything about you. This is in response to the have kids/don't have kids debate.

All my kids are from the same father. I know how you feel it was the same way when I was in college. I got no help with finances and people all around me were using the system

#19 i am married to bmkc4 and I work 84 hours a week to support my family we get no help from anyone I hope you feel special because I made this account just to tell you to STFU YOU FUC*KING TOOLBAG

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Well if you didn't have so many kids, maybe you wouldn't need to work so many hours to support your family. I'm just saying, we've got seven billion assholes on the planet already, we ain't hurting for more. I'd love to have a family, but I'm doing my part by not giving in to stupid, animal-like paternal instincts. If I decide to have kids, it'll only be enough to replace me and my wife and not strain our poor planet even more. Sorry bro.

I have been married to the same woman for 7 years we have 4 kids and are not on welfare or any assistance how are we hurting anything by having 4 kids frankly you are starting to piss me off talking like your all-knowing you probably have very little life experience outside mammas house

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#79, you don't know why oceannut works 84 hours a week... What if he is a Doctor? So you probably shouldn't judge him. At least he supports his family like a man

dominic1221 6

Um bmkc, aren't you his wife? You sound like you don't know what he does for a living. I'm confused, but if he is a doctor, I hope he doesn't curse around his patients like that. Or his kids. :/

No I'm not a doctor I work I'm the oil field industry and I work so many hours so my family can have anything the want and I don't curse around my kids

I'm not confused # 90

My mom works in a grocery store and sees it all the time; people that buy hundreds in groceries, yet they're dressed to the nines carting the groceries off in their brand new vehicles. It's just gross.

I agree There are a lot of people who are abusing the system but just because I have 4 kids at 25 does not mean I am one of those people and it makes me mad to have someone refer to my kids as "air suckers" is kinda offensive don't you think

I see what you're saying. I was referring to #61's comment.

There's plenty of families with only children (like mine) and plenty of gay couples without kids. The world has a balance, somehow. And it's no one's business how many kids someone has. Four is not that many. Ever seen 19 Kid and Counting?

As long as you are able to support your family on your own, without help from the system (ex husband/wife, food stamps, etc.), I feel you owe it to yourself to have as many kids as you desire. What these other people don't seem to get is that these numbers are not demonstrative of modern countries, and most of the issues of our world's population stem from countries like Africa and Asia. Look at all scientific evidence besides: our current exponential growth will curve at some point, and everything will even out. All anyone can do is roll with it, until we get to other habitable planets, or something awesome like that.

I'm really not sure why someone had to come on and defend his lifestyle and family on the internet. Honestly, to the coupl,e you really didn't to say anything at all. We could all see what a prick that guy was from the get go.

So you're saying he was wrong to defend his wife, and she was wrong to defend herself? Wow. Yes, I understand that that one commenter made themself look like an asshole, but I think it was really nice of the husband to make an account to defend his wife. *Some faith in humanity has been restored*

Yourheadache 19

#126 if you haven't notice yet not only her husband is defending her. so stfu

Shit just got real. Grats on your kids! It sounds like you have a happy family! I can't wait to have a child of my own. But for now it's work/school. :/ Why are you guys so butthurt over how many kids she has? No one complained about the woman with 17 (now 20+) kids who was all over reality television, or octomom... Yeah people bought the magazines because they hated her so much /sarcasm. Bitch is about to start doing porn. This woman (bmkc4) seems like a genuine, loving person. Leave her be.

139- Michelle Duggar is the one with 19 kids, and one miscarriage. The one going into porn in Nadya Suleman, aka Octo-Mom. She has a total of 14 kids. C: Just a friendly correction from me. :D I see your point, though.

OceanNut you seem like a stand up man that takes care of his family. Don't let idiots piss you off. It takes a real man to take responsibility for his family and it's even more impressive when it's a guy as young as you. My brother in law is a 24 year old loser still living at his mom's. My husband and I married young and started having kids young as well. We have always supported ourselves and my husband has always worked. I admire men like you.

Yes, your right, in a natural ecosystem the poputation of any species will naturally even itself out, the problem with the human population is that with technology we are able to lessen our death rate and increase our birth rates exponentialy so while in, lets say a population of foxes, the population will steadily stabilize, but with humans it will take a much more drastic and rapid decline in order to naturally stabilize, im not saying that having 4 kids in any way wrong, nor am I condoning what 31 said in any way

Sorry, I meant 19, dont know where 31 came from

Fairly oddparents? But anyways, that's cruel on your parents' part. If I had a kid, I wouldn't ever think about what I could do without him/her.

Ask them to write a list of things they have done as a result of you being born. The good things!

Maybe they tried, got stuck trying to think of something for number one, and then just gave up.

Oh ouch D; I'm sorry OP. Fyl.

Write a list of things you could've done had your parents not been total selfish dbags.

All parents have those thoughts dont worry (;

What kind of a parent are you? That is rediculous

Im not a Parent im saying that my parents say that all the time .

If that does not make you feel bad, I feel bad for you. My kids are my world and I don't care about all the shoulda coulda wouldas.

It doesn't because i know they don't mean it i Don't take everything seriously.And I'm pretty sure a lot of parents have these thoughts q:

Ya i Got ya im just saying that some parents do not all though q:

Michele2luv 8

I am a parent and I love my daughter dearly and think of things I would do if I hadn't had her. I'm not saying I wish she weren't born just that I had a plan and there were the things id wanted to do. I would take her comment so badly . . .

littlesister67 0

Um, no. Not ALL parents think nor say that. Those parents that do, obviously cannot imagine how hurtful it is to their children.