By notsoaloneanymore - Canada - Mississauga
Today, my parents left on vacation for the week. Taking advantage of my freedom, I was planning on having my boyfriend over. My grandparents just showed up as they 'thought I would be lonely'. I can't get rid of them. Looks like I'm not having any fun this week. FML
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  brenton490  |  19

If what she means alone time I don't think grandparents would be okay with that going around. Unless they are kinky grandparents, then you just got yourself a strange orgy going around. I don't think op wants that as well.

By  TheLadyOpal  |  30

Judging solely by your tone (as you sound like a teenager hoping for the opportunity to do something your parents wouldn't allow), I feel as though maybe they were asked by your parents to stay with you, rather than deciding on their own accord. Which sucks either way, but you may as well try to have fun with them. They're likely not gonna be around for much longer.

By  Mangascribbler  |  19

Or, you could make the best of the situation and hang out with your grandparents? I can sincerely say I regret not spending more time with the elders in my family while I had the chance- your boyfriend will be there at the end of the week, I'm pretty sure.