By Jeremy - United States
  Today, my parents hosted a party at our house. After seeing one of the extremely beautiful guests, I went to masturbate in my room. When I was about to finish, my bedroom door opened suddenly. It was my mom showing around 10 party guests that our dog can open doors. FML
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By  PureGold  |  0

OH GOD I hate how parents have absolutely no respect for privacy that way x(. ESPECIALLY when guests are involved and they want to show off something. That's just sooo unfortunate...eww. FYL, and I would imagine those guests were REALLY embarrassed as well. :(

And you should have locked your door. Unless your door doesn't have a lock, like mine doesn't. In that case, look into getting one.

By  depechemode  |  0

fuck off with your 'fake' man! (Number 1)

Other than that at: OP, HOW OLD ARE YOU? You can't restrain yourself for a couple of hours?
And kind of stupid not to close your door! But, the situation sucks so bad (Your Mother..10 PARTYGUESTS?.. YOU DOG?! saw you masturbate..) well, a very little small FML for you, then.

By  RedJester23  |  6

not everybody has a lock. but i hate my parents when guests are over they want to show off EVERYTHING......... but that had to have been awkward for the rest of the night

  DenBriZel  |  31

Yeah I didn't have a lock when I lived with my parents for the longest time because they wouldn't let me have one. When I was 16 I finally got them to get me one but they made me get one with a keyhole, and made me give them the spare key. *sigh* over controlling untrusting parents.