By Jeremy - 10/05/2009 01:04 - United States

Today, my parents hosted a party at our house. After seeing one of the extremely beautiful guests, I went to masturbate in my room. When I was about to finish, my bedroom door opened suddenly. It was my mom showing around 10 party guests that our dog can open doors. FML
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This just in: Locks were around since before the dark ages. OP should investigate further

That's kind of saw someone then bolted to your room? and 1 and 2, not everyone has locks on doors.


This just in: Locks were around since before the dark ages. OP should investigate further

pu13 5

woah your dog can open doors!!!?!?!?

My dog can pick locks Now YOU try explaining that to the cops

When I was younger, my mom fucked with the lock on my door. So it's just there for decoration

OH GOD I hate how parents have absolutely no respect for privacy that way x(. ESPECIALLY when guests are involved and they want to show off something. That's just sooo unfortunate...eww. FYL, and I would imagine those guests were REALLY embarrassed as well. :( And you should have locked your door. Unless your door doesn't have a lock, like mine doesn't. In that case, look into getting one.

I second this. my door doesn't have a lock so I make a habit of listening fir footsteps. although it shouldve been preety obvious they were coming =P

CloudKumo 12

Even then, you could always put a wooden plank under the doorknob. It works pretty well, for me.

They weren't the only ones cumming

That's kind of saw someone then bolted to your room? and 1 and 2, not everyone has locks on doors.

Starcatch77 20

I know right? Why couldn't he at least have just waited until the end of the party if he knew there were guests in the house and that his door couldn't lock.

He probably didn't think that his parents would show the guests HIS room. Why would they show their son's room to guests at a party anyways?

Kind of why some girls are afraid to go anywhere. No matter what there's always some way to be creeped on.

Muskrat777 13

Thats when you prop a chair against the door #4

wouldn't you hear 11 people and a dog walking to your room? or is your house like super sound proof?

When guys get like that, especially near the end, they don't exactly pay attention to their surroundings. :P

ShadowCzar 5

I dont know if you were paying attention.. But there was a party going on >_>

fuck off with your 'fake' man! (Number 1) Other than that at: OP, HOW OLD ARE YOU? You can't restrain yourself for a couple of hours? And kind of stupid not to close your door! But, the situation sucks so bad (Your Mother..10 PARTYGUESTS?.. YOU DOG?! saw you masturbate..) well, a very little small FML for you, then.

EmoPolarBearShim 0

My guess is op is a teenager.

it was closed the dog opened the door can't you read?

Uh. It's called a lock. Or biding your time. I feel worse for the guests. They probably felt violated.

Actually they wouldn't know he was masturbating to them, they would just think oh well he's a pubescent teenager and cringe.

So... did you finish?

hahahahaha nice lol

Hahahahahahahhahaha. I love this comment.

Fired shots in the crowd

FAKE i was at that party. it was a cat, not a dog.

I don't have a lock on my door. You're screwed until you moved out. No privacy

RedJester23 6

not everybody has a lock. but i hate my parents when guests are over they want to show off EVERYTHING......... but that had to have been awkward for the rest of the night

Try the rest of his life

DenBriZel 31

Yeah I didn't have a lock when I lived with my parents for the longest time because they wouldn't let me have one. When I was 16 I finally got them to get me one but they made me get one with a keyhole, and made me give them the spare key. *sigh* over controlling untrusting parents.