By Anonymous - 07/10/2010 00:48 - United States

Today, my parents gave me my birthday present. Two weeks ago, I ordered an xbox online. Three days ago, it came to my house, and my parents thought they could save money by putting wrapping paper on it, and giving it to me for my birthday. That's all they got me. FML
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1. Save wrapping paper. 2. Find huge empty box. 3. Fill with rocks until it weighs about 250 pounds. 4. Add a clothesline and wrap. 5. Give to your parents and tell them you got them a solar powered clothes dryer. 6. Record their reaction and put on YouTube. 7. Get #1 views (all time) award for your hilarious video, simultaneously wrenching the title from YouTube's most popular female singer, Justin Bieber and becoming a hero to all lovers of real music. 8. Become a YouTube partner. 9. Use money to buy Mars. 10. Live happily ever after while banging hot Martians.

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Damn. it almost worked


paid2think 0

Damn. it almost worked

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oh get over it I spend one of my B-days in Iraq getting shot at. I'm sure it wasn't worst than that.

FFML_314 11

Such a buzzkill, 19.

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Fuckin wah!!!

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crb you can't complain unless you got drafted. You signed up for the job. It's like a janitor complaining that he has to clean the bathrooms.

73 nicely done

#19 m brother is in Afghan and he or deployed on his birthday. afghan is worse then Iraq.

my* got* anti-flood sucksss

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is that you are going to spend or you spent?

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damn parents and their empty threats. I know it's hard to control children in public places, but WTF? Don't tell your kids you're going to punish them unless you actually intend to go through with it. Eventually, Idiot Jr will learn that his mommy/daddy is a spineless wimp and will use it to his advantage.

102 - wrong fml

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Lol your parents are cool

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haha you got a point..nicely done

YDI for not buying a proper decent console. Like a PS3

@19 Worse then 9/11? ¬_¬


@19 Don't understand why this one was buried. He has a point. At least they gave the kid his xbox. Some parents would sell it and buy more drugs.

It was still his money

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hahah parents pulled a fast one, maybe yours didn't come yet and they got you a different one

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Today, I bought my son an xbox at gamestop. As I am wrapping it, the mailman drives up. Apparently my son bought his own xbox online. FML

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haha @7

lol win number 7 but you forgot "I then realized that I could return the Xbox I originally bought for him and save money and wrap his own up for him" SURPRISE!

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Sad. my mom did something like that to me once. You get over it, life will go on.

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My mom did that with my iPhone. she bought it for $300 and I paid her back after my next paycheck. Then for Christmas I get my phone wrapped up and when I open it, she says I don't have to pay her back. I explained everything to her and then asked if I could get my 300 dollars back but she said no :(

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Same thing happened to me, my brother got me a rock for my birthday. T_T

@95 I got a new ps3 game for my last birthday. :P

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One Christmas I got an empty box. It was pretty awesome.

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if you got xbox live then add my gamertag, iRynosaur

ignorance a lot of people add others they don't know on xbox

of course not pouty lmao. ignorance doesn't know what she's talkin about. the only difference between here and xbox is talking to people through a mic and playing with or against them.

I've met some pretty rude gamers but I've ran into a couple of rude people on here. I honestly don't know why they choose to be such douche bags, it's just the Internet.

They weren't actually being mean until you said they were. They were being perfectly respectful up until then. In other words they are being mean because you apparently wanted them to be, while arguing that was what you didn't want.

I have to agree with pouty on this one. It is that uncivilized to give out your opinion without being so rude ?

#60 what useless point? pouty is trying to express why there is no respect here. You even deliberately became disrespectful. As far as maturity goes, your score is very low.

"adding people on this website who you speak to and thus know is acceptable, having someone you dont know and have never spoken to telling you to go out of your way to add them is annoying and stupid. its also showing a sense of desperation, because while being open to meeting new people in a variety of mediums is akin to a positive social interaction, what this idiot is doing is akin to walking down the street yelling MY PHONE NUMBER IS **** SOMEONE CALL ME." Is a perfectly valid point. Also those people who go around demanding that random strangers add them on things can become creepers real fast. Been there, done that, things got scary. I advise caution and say ALWAYS, ALWAYS, get to know people BEFORE making any kind of friend commitment to them. I say this even if the commitment is just something like adding them to your XBox Live buddy list because as cliche' as it sounds, better to be safe then sorry.

pouty, this site is full of inconsiderate people who break the site's rules. I'm sorry you had to go through this. Seeing your comments is admirable since you didn't lash out or insult as others would have done.

You're welcome pouty.

I think pouty was talking about your other comments towards other people, 71.

Sorry but how does asking why respect is lacking on this site uneducated?

You're one that I believe I will never understand. Perhaps it is your personality and how you function, but I do applaud pouty for speaking her/his mind towards this on-going issue here.

This whole conversation made me laugh, pouty just don't be so sensitive and problem solved. The other two, stop being stubborn assholes.

Respectful, polite, sensitive, harsh, critical-- these are all very relative terms. I've seen arguments here where someone gets all butthurt, but the offending party was obviously holding back quite a bit. If the mods thought these comments were inherently disrespectful or over-the-top cruel, they wouldn't hesitate to mod them.

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im on chaos's side.he has a right2 be like that 2 u

my mom doesn't even know when my birthday is >.<

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Atleast you got a gift only gift i get comes from what my mother gave me when i was born my right hand...

Punctuation is your friend!

kwmfl 4

really now. <-- see? look at that period. It's my best friend in this crappy world

Never make friends with periods, they are like fruit flies and die far too quick. Question Marks on the other hand will be with you until you die. Wouldn't you want a punctuation mark that will be with you forever?

kwmfl 4

You're so right ? <-- Yay! now i have a question mark to be with forever :D

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UDI for just now getting a 360...

Agreed they've been out 5 years you may as well wait for the next format. Anyway fuck your life that's incredibly harsh just wait until it's either one of their birthdays and find some random shit in and around the house to wrap up... dog turds for example

it's not that bad. I bought my dad and brother an xbox for Christmas last yr, they used it for 2 weeks then decided to get a ps3 and leave the xbox to collect dust

right choice getting the ps3

not in my opinion haha. they talked about wanting an xbox so I was nice enough to go buy them one. but it's ok when I moved back in with them I just took the xbox :p

29 - I bought my grandparents a wii last year because they really wanted wii fit..they never use it, it turns out they really only wanted it to entertain the kid they baby sit. He already has game consoles to play over there and he already has a wii at home. Needless to say, this year we are getting them the same thing they got the rest of the family. Not a damn thing.

Sounds to me like your parents think you're an idiot and wouldn't realize what they did there...

Either that or their present to you was decorating your xbox with wrapping paper. Your parents are cheapskates.

Order some wrapped up condoms for their wedding anniversary.