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Today, my parents found cigarettes in my car. After a long argument lasting over an hour, I convinced them that they weren't mine and that I don't smoke. A few minutes later, I went to work. Guess who decided to visit me during my smoke break. FML
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enjoy your emphysema :) YDI

Honestly, who do you expect to feel bad for you? You just admitted you lied. You got caught in a lie. Boo fuckin' hoo


enjoy your emphysema :) YDI

Today, I lied to my parents about doing something I shouldn't be doing in the first place, but was later caught doing the very thing I lied to them about by said parents. FML karma's a bitch, ehh? If you're old enough, which I'm guessing you're not, why didn't you just say "Yeah, I smoke, but then again, it's also perfectly legal for me to do so."?

Chances are his parents are uptight about stuff like that and he didn't feel like dealing with the drama of them bitching at him. My parents are the same way. I'm 22 years old and I smoke, but no one in my family knows about it because they all think smokers are horrible disgusting people that deserve to be shot. (No joke.) I hide it because I don't want to deal with the lectures and the dirty looks.

I hate people who hate people who smoke, i don't even smoke but it's you fucking choice, i'm sure that you do something in your life that isn't good for you. Should we go up to people who were cripled in car accidents and tell them they diserved it because they new it was dangerous, fuck you 1............also there is no such thing as karma.

I say that we start going up to people who eat fast food and tell them they are horrible for destroying their bodies with disgusting food that has no nutritional value and will someday possibly cause health problems like obesity, heart disease and digestive issues. And yes, I smoke and eat fast food. However I am thin and healthy, so it's okay for me. ;)

Oh, karma is very very real. Bad things always happen to people who do bad things, even if it isn't immediate.

Most people that don't like smokers don't give a fuck about their health, it's their choice. If they want black lungs at 50 so be it. But second hand smoke is so disgusting and vile, especially if you subject your family to it because they really have no choice.

@76 Oh yeah, prove it?

totally agree. now, if only more under aged kids are caught for cigarettes and alcohol, it would be great.

There's an astronomical difference between smoking and unhealthy eating habits. I personally would never say anything about a person's eating habits because hey, no matter how much you eat, it won't affect me in any shape, way or form. (Pun intended.) But if you're smoking in my personal space and I'm unable to get out of the way so I can breathe fresh air, yes, I'll ask you to butt out. The point is eating IS a personal choice - it only affects your own body. Smoking, however, affects everybody around you. I have no problem if people smoke but harm your body in your own time and keep the secondhand smoke the hell away from me. Please and thank you. :)

Thank you. I don't care what you do to your own body, but just because you want to ruin your lungs and smell like shit all the time doesn't mean I do. And to the smokers who claim that they don't stink--YES. YOU DO. You just can't smell it on yourselves. It smells like someone died on you. And to WTFsGoingOn--being thin DOES NOT equal being healthy, you dumbass. You might very well be thin, but you're certainly not healthy.

I like the smell of cigarette smoke on a guy and think its hot, so HA!

You're an idiot, being thin doesn't make you healthy. I bet you've not had a doctor check you out, eh? They'd say otherwise if your diet consists of McDonald's and a pack of cigs.

WTFsGoingOn - if you smoke, you're not healthy. You might feel healthy now, but just wait for 20 years down the track. At least with fast food you can just have a little bit now and then and it won't affect your health. Smoking will always, ALWAYS, affect your health.

WTFsGoingOn I don't see any obese people going around and spewing their cholesterol into the mouths of people around them. Smoking is dangerous for the smoker AND the people near him/her. Ever heard of second hand smoke? And btw-just because you're skinny, it doesn't mean you're healthy. You can still get lung cancer and heart disease.

@40- I feel pretty much the same way, but at the same time I am still going to criticize them for making an unwise decision.

YDI for smoking.

secondhand smoke is not harmful. it was something made up by antismoking campaigns to try and get cigs outlawed

my uncle dies from second hand smoking. the person who killed Jim however, did not.

130. you are a fucking dumbass. not all people that smoke smell like smoke. I sure as hell dont, otherwise my parents would have noticed.

Bad things happen to everyone.

174 - You're a fool. Secondhand smoke is a very harmful thing. Carcinogens in the cigarette are passed into the smoke and into others' lungs. This explains why even non smokers can develop lung cancer or other health issues if they live in a household with multiple smokers. It has nothing to do with banning cigarettes, it has to do with being aware that you're harming others with smoking, not just yourself.

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I have a job too. It pays about 75 bucks a week. If you know of a house I can afford and you're not telling me I'm gonna be really fucking pissed.

cant afford a house, spends all money on smokes

If you can't afford it, why waste the money on cigarettes?

Cancer? These FMLs with tough questions boggle the brain.

And we have a winner! Might want to find a new hiding spot for your cigs.

Didn't get past the word "car" before clicking YDI.


If people want to destroy their own bodies, let them. Only reason I clicked YDI is because he lied about smoking.

Finally someone who ended his FML with a guess what, without the question mark! Anyway ydi for lying, if you want to smoke at least be honest about it.

YDI for smoking, disgusting loser

I don't get why this comment has so many dislikes

And aids. Smoking is clinically proven to give you the HIV virus 100% of the time.

Don't forget the swine flu.


50% of the time it works all the time.

Honestly, who do you expect to feel bad for you? You just admitted you lied. You got caught in a lie. Boo fuckin' hoo

Wow, YDI dipshit.

ok, while i feel your pain for having parents who violate your personal space, YDI for lying to them.