By unwanted - 19/03/2011 09:25 - Australia

Today, my parents fought over who gets the dog when they divorce. Nothing has been said about where my brother and I will live when they split. FML
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The dog can't chose, so they have to decide. When they actually divorce they'll probably just let you chose.

the thing is, when the dog licks their face, it's cute but when you try to do it just gets awkward


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mhmmm. not necessarily. not all humans are selfish.

In the dog's kennel when it goes?

Do you blame the parents for fighting over the dog first? it's cheaper to feed, and is actually grateful for what you give it!

Because humans are the most disgusting and selfish animals on the planet. And for such an advanced creature some people are very damn stupid.

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Maybe this is the first time ever parents have divorced and it actually is the child's fault?

Well, maybe they don't want to fight about that when the kids are present. It is pretty childish to actually argue in front of kids, but them arguing about child custody in FRONT of them would be way worse.

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parents r stoopid sumtimes

Well you know what they say: stoopid parents, stoopid kids.

'Stoopid' comments, too.

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kids get to choose which parent they want to stay with or its joind custody. so theres nothing to argue about!

i c wut u did thar.

well with digs you don't have to pay as much for them, they're quiet, and they're cute. everything you guys aren't .

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why? is it bad?

omg!! im so sorry:-(

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Empathy : they ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and understand how they are feeling. Try it, it'll make you a better person :)

the thing is, when the dog licks their face, it's cute but when you try to do it just gets awkward

hahaha!! yeah, damn those double standards! XD

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The dog can't chose, so they have to decide. When they actually divorce they'll probably just let you chose.

^Thanks. My bad.

That, or it's easier to assume joint custody of children than joint custody of a dog.

Or they already decided what to do with the kids

Damn ! off to the dog cage for you . YLS!

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oh man that sucks when my parents split I had no choice I had to go with my mum but it was good cause a year later my dad stopped seeing me and got re married and had a family and I have no idea where he lives and can not get in contact with him but I don't care he is an arsehole I hope he is proud

Uh cool story bro....