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  TayonaC  |  10

well dang 0_o
even if you don't think she's pretty it doesn't mean you gave to announce it to everyone.
and the reason why your saying that I'd probably because you yourself is ugly
that's probably why you have a cartoon picture up.
also grow up, if your talking like that you shouldn't have up a picture a 10 year old would have...

  MushyLuvsU  |  0

33: Why thank you kind sir.
31: Now now... We all know that that has been your fantasy since you have hit puberty.... yesterday. Just don't share it with us. Nasty.

  sassypants93  |  17

Well the seven could stand for his ideal age which would explain why he has that picture. He probably still thinks that girls have cooties because he's stupid to call you ugly.

  Justforlolz  |  14

All that's happening right now is that all this hate towards him/it is just feeding him. Ignore the fail troll, unless what he really needs is to be humiliated, in which case, go on. >:-D

  lexeous  |  4

Supersaiyan7, here are some tips that might help your stupid levels go down!

You're - contraction of 'you are.' ex. "Supersaiyan7, you're stupid!"
Your - belonging to the person you're speaking to ex. "Supersaiyan7, you happened to let your stupid out. Please put it back where it belongs."

  Codezlol  |  21

Well, maybe they don't want to fight about that when the kids are present. It is pretty childish to actually argue in front of kids, but them arguing about child custody in FRONT of them would be way worse.

By  imausiehowboutyo  |  0

oh man that sucks when my parents split I had no choice I had to go with my mum but it was good cause a year later my dad stopped seeing me and got re married and had a family and I have no idea where he lives and can not get in contact with him but I don't care he is an arsehole I hope he is proud