By Haze - 24/11/2015 03:25 - New Zealand - Wellington

Today, my parents finally fulfilled my childhood dream and got a puppy, after years of me nagging at them. The only downside is that I no longer live at home and he's not mine. FML
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If you dont live with them whats stopping you from getting your own?

tylermt1999 17

That doesn't mean you can't go visit him! Plus, you could go get one from your local shelter and they could become friends!


Get a huge af german shepherd then bring him over for a "play date"

I don't know what you're complaining about, I'm still hoping my parents will get a cat because that means I get to pet it when I visit but don't have to worry about looking after it (my life isn't especially cat-friendly at the moment!)

leogachi 15

@14 If you think people shouldn't complain because "it could be worse" then you shouldn't be on FML. Besides, your situation isn't worse than Op's.

I wasn't saying that, just that to me it seems a pretty nice situation since I'm hoping for a similar thing to happen. Not all FMLs can be spun into positives but I think a puppy you can visit and play with knowing its welfare is being looked after is pretty positive!

mds9986 24

Maybe now that you aren't living there they can handle a dog or they just miss having you in the house so they got a dog for company.

If you live on your own, you have the ability to get a dog without your parents consent (or paying for it). To have a loaner dog might be good, to see if being a dogowner is worth it to you before actually committing to it. Seems like a win for me.

whatunicorn 17

Visit him or get one of your own. Just remember having a puppy is a lot of responsibility.

tiger820 20

so get your own?

I'm guessing you showed a picture of a dog you wanted to your parents because it was so cute and they went and got it before you.

Sound like they're trying to fix the empty nest syndrome..., they miss you !!

Your an adult now. Go buy a puppy.

If you live by yourself its yime to get your own puppy