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  Grizz8831  |  13

I would agree... during any lack of money we cut out soda, went powdered juice, IF any. I get watering it down isn't so good... but it is clearly better than nothing if OP if drinking it

  Steve97  |  32

Can't you just buy Tang and powdered milk if you want to save money on drinks? They'll taste almost the same without being watered down and its cheaper.

  Levi2411  |  40

Why not take it a step further while they're at it? Stock up on some ramen and chocolate milk. When in doubt and your bank's in a drought, take the college route.

  Soparot  |  29

@52 Of course! Who doesn't want to drink their neighbor's saliva instead of the mainstream drinks everyone else drinks? Whatever it takes to save a couple pennies, right?

By  ManUtdFan743  |  21

Try maybe suggesting other ways they could save money? Doing some research on what their biggest expenses are and how to save money on them could help. Also, maybe just avoiding buying sodas altogether since (I presume) they're not necessary? Families can save on plenty of money simply by being more conscientious on their habits and etc. It could help.
Hope things get better for you all.

  Mightytall  |  35

Best advice!
And if pure water is a problem because you don't like it, it's very easy to flavor the water, rather than watering down the soda and juices.
Have you ever tried a slice of cucumber or lemon in a jug of water? It's completely different than just flat tap water.

By  Um_bye  |  21

At my house we've always put water in our juice. We've always been told to because our parents said juice has too much sugar. Now I can't drink most juices without water, it just tastes weird, but I never had to dilute my soda. I was just only allowed to drink one per week