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did you loose your virginity to him maybe? incest maybe?(:

  Andr913  |  13

I also want to know how old they are, and if they got any other presents besides those stupid rings. If your only present was a ring that doesn't do shit, that sucks.


but what if they're, like, 13 years old? It's arguably a young age to lose your virginity but when I was that age a lot of my classmates had already lost it. OP's parents were probably thinking traditionally, but kids these days are getting sluttier and sluttier.

  knoxxx  |  22

I think at thirteen a lot of kids had SAID they lost their virginity, but I believe a lot of it was probably a lie and a lot of it probably only had to do with this weird notion young kids seem to have that losing your virginity is a race. Everyone should wait to have sex until they're truly comfortable, and I really hope that average age of comfortability hasn't become 13. That's just sad..


I remember when I was in 4th grade one of the "big kids" asked me if I was still a virgin +_+ I didn't even know what that meant. She was in the 6th grade :/ my friend lost it when she was like 12 though. He was like 15 too. She still keeps in touch with him so they can get high and fuck and pick out furniture and stuff, but she dates other dudes for their money and sucks a LOTTTTTTT of dick. Like We'd be trick or treating and she'd tell me to go turn the corner cause she was gonna give some dude a bj. In the middle of the friggin sidewalk. Yeah. When all the guys in school know your name and all the chicks hate you, you're probably a slut.

  shadow1690  |  9

Out of my whole grad class I think there were like 2 guys who had lost their virginity by grade 10 so I don't think that average would be 13 haha, I'd say more around 15-17

By  thatssomeBS  |  9

Is OP a guy or a girl? If OP is a girl, I hope the stories of why neither are virgins aren't related...

By  EsteeCee  |  4

Family activity? O.O

By  Jonkbaby  |  20

how do you know the priest wasn't a virgin I mean, weird.

  moviegirl6  |  5

Good lord, calm down you two. He was joking. Sheesh. Nobody can make a joke around here without someone else jumping down their throat and calling them illiterate. It's ridiculous.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I don't know how you define "work" in regards to a purity ring but a friend of mine did this some years ago. She was far from a virgin but she said the blessing redeemed her and she would be chaste from then on until she met her true love.

So her purity was retroactive, if you believe in purity.

  Enslaved  |  36

My one sister wasn't a virgin and decided to become a "born again" one. She waited until her wedding day to have sex with her husband. But it was a decision she made for herself. My other sister and her husband were both virgins. Again her/their decision. I just feel it's a bit odd for parents to claim the rights to their children's purity. Though understand their hopes they raised them strong in their beliefs.(: