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#37, I don't think you can just go to a realtor and tell them not to give the house to someone just because you don't want them living next door; unless you have proof their stalking you or have a restraining order against them, things like that. And I don't think a realtor would legally be allowed to not let someone make an offer on a house just because someone asked them too.

  SixthSinEnvy  |  39

A family photo and a pregnant belly are proof. Look, all I'm saying is maybe the realtor 'might' consider her inquiry for the house to go to another couple. I highly doubt that her parents and in-laws are the only ones bidding on the house. And as these comments show, no one likes the idea of their parents or in-laws living anywhere on their block, let alone next door. You never know unless you try, maybe the realtor will show sympathy and understanding.

By  Mightytall  |  35

Hey, having family close by is not a bad thing at all, unless there are serious hate issues.

Just think of all the times you can drop off junior next door and go on a date!
It's a win-win scenario for everybody.

  Seeya55  |  31

That isn't always the case. They'll be right next door. Try saying no to a visit when they're right there and all you want to do is NOTHING that evening. Good Luck! My MIL lives 20 minutes away. I think you need at least a few miles between you to keep sane. There would be no privacy!