By Greatgrandpa - 30/11/2014 17:29 - Curacao

Today, my only child introduced his new girlfriend to me. He is 36 and has no children. She is 46 and has a pregnant daughter who she is very close with. I don't know if I'll ever be a grandfather, but in any case, my son is going to be one before me. FML
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At least you'll be a great-grandfather

I'm sorry.. Maybe you'll still get viewed as a grandpa :) However things go, good luck!


At least you'll be a great-grandfather

Well if he doesn't see this woman's daughter as his grandchild, chances are he probably won't see the new baby as his great grandchild......

I'm sorry.. Maybe you'll still get viewed as a grandpa :) However things go, good luck!

The older the bear the sweeter the juice. As long as he is happy you, then good for him. I can understand you're frustration though op.

Most sensible comment yet. Figures you'd get downvoted.

This seems like a very complicated family

Ouch. That sucks OP. Hope everything turns out alright for you!

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On the bright side, you are technically a great grandfather. You know, if they get married or stay together long enough, that is

How was he a great-grandfather?

Never mind, my bad.

You can be the cool grandfather every kid wants ^ ^

That's exactly the thing. He isn't a grandfather, his son is

Congratulations to your son, I hope he's very happy. In your case, fuck being a grandfather. That term is associated with being old, lonely, and crotchety.

Are you basing this off of your own Grandfather? My Dad is a grandfather to my daughter and I've never seen someone laugh, smile and hug anyone as much as he does her.

You should meet my grandfather. At the age of 75, he's still in better health and a lot more active than a lot of people half his age. As a child, I believed there wasn't anything he couldn't do. Still want to believe that as an adult, actually. The word "grandfather" to me doesn't mean "crotchety old man" at all. To me, it means "that man who's oh so much more fun than my parents!"

Actually, my grandfathers are both extremely well-loved by their kin as well as very kind and sweet. That doesn't change the association our society has with the elderly.

My dad was a grandpa at 55 and he and my mom will tell you it is by far the best stage of their life (and yes they say this to us kids haha). He is having the time of his life with his grandkids, letting them do all the fun things the parents won't, and he is still really young. My dad and I showed up to the hospital during one of my nephew's births and the nurse thought he was my husband. So no, I don't think grandpa's are always old and crotchety and to be honest I don't even think that's a stereotype. I think most people associate the word grandpa with fun. :)

@39 - I don't remember the word for the phenomenon you're experiencing, but people tend to believe what they experience is the norm for the rest of the world. Truth be told, it is a stereotype that grandparents are crotchety because their minds decay as they age, causing their personalities to sour. Then their families abandon them, leave them in a home, or simply tolerate their rude behavior. The reason you're applying your positive association is that age was never a major factor for your father. He may never be crotchety, but it certainly isn't the norm, otherwise ways to keep your mind and body fit as you age wouldn't be such a prominent market.

Yikes. Well, being married and having children isn't everything. He probably has accomplishments you're overlooking.

I'm glad you pointed that out. Also it's his life so it shouldn't affect the OP too much so nobody's life is fucked or deserved it in a bad way.

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^ Someone who gets it! one's life is fucked when their son/daughter decide not to be a parent, they simply managed to raise a child who practiced responsibility and control of their own choices.

I think you guys are missing the point. I don't think Op isn't proud of their kid or thinks they're unaccomplished. I think Op just wants to be a grandparent. I think as people get older they start to realize that their career and money aren't as important in life, and realize that family is the most important thing, and the more family they have the better. This can be even more true if they're lonely and wish they could spend time playing with grandkids. There's nothing wrong with him wanting to be a grandpa as long as he's not freaking out on his son to have kids.

imagineapc 11

I get that OP wants to be a grandpa. But it is NOT HIS CHOICE. What do you NOT GET about that?!

49, He never said it was his choice. He just said he wants to be a grandpa, and is pointing out the irony that although he may never be one his son will. FML is the place to come and whine and vent about things that bother you and that's all Op is doing. Now if it said that Op is always bugging his son about wanting grandkids, that he always puts his son down, & doesn't value his kid for anything but offspring, then I'd say what you're saying, but it doesn't say Op does any of that. No need to yell. :)