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Today, my old boss stiffed me on a large sum of money he owes me. I tried to contact him and point out that he legally owes me the money, but he won't answer his texts or his phone, and the managers say he changes the subject whenever they bring it up. FML
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  Bunnyluver  |  20

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  gracehi  |  31

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  bonjourhello  |  25

I'm the OP, and I'm a girl, and the money I'm owed is my annual leave, which was to be paid to me when I quit. I'd never been able to take a holiday, as my boss never agreed on the times and wouldn't let me take paid leave, so yeah I'm pretty angry...

  pyrestriker  |  6

I'm on mobile and can't see where you are from, but I know in the US you have labor boards to take care of these things. even if it wasn't something the company was required by law to offer you, but it was promised as part of your wages upon separation, it needs paid. Unemployment takes these promised wages into account when making a decision on Unemployment Benefits, and this kind of situation can really mess things up.

By  neuronerd  |  28

Take him to court.

  J352SAURUS  |  30

It basically means to screw somebody over. To cheat or swindle a person. To not pay someone what is due. For example, you can "stiff somebody on the bill" and that means to not pay the bill or pay a fair share of the bill and the other person is stuck with the cost. In this case, the boss stiffs the OP by not paying him what is owed.