By waternixie - Malaysia - Rembau
Today, my OCD reached a new high when I used a correction pen to white-out an eyelash which was photocopied onto every single page of my reading material. I did it because the eyelash was too distracting and I couldn't finish reading the article without the urge to rip it into shreds. FML
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  nix1993  |  41

I've done this before because there was a couple of eyebrow hairs on all 24 pages of my tutorial reading. I ended up cutting up squares of white electrical tape to stick on every page.

  PipingMouse  |  14

Well not exactly. If the teacher handed out materials, OP could simply email said teacher and ask for the word document that the teacher printed the materials from.

  EverestMelting  |  23

This is not OCD. OCD can be explained by someone who has it. I once was told of someone who literally had to walk a mile back and forth from their destination before they could walk through a door. That's OCD. Not the fact that something isn't perfect. This is not OCD. This is just anal and low tolerance for concentration.

  MsKatieFace  |  11

That is completely wrong. Even with 20 years experience I can't begin to explain OCD . Perfectionism IS a Common trait and it can be just one of many obsessions they have, we have major and minor obsessions, this isnt necessarily their main central OCD focus.