By waternixie - 08/10/2014 03:49 - Malaysia - Rembau

Today, my OCD reached a new high when I used a correction pen to white-out an eyelash which was photocopied onto every single page of my reading material. I did it because the eyelash was too distracting and I couldn't finish reading the article without the urge to rip it into shreds. FML
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OCD is the worst, I feel like the white out would look worse on a photo copied page though...

Damn eyelashes always gettin in my shit


OCD is the worst, I feel like the white out would look worse on a photo copied page though...

Yeah whiteout gets really clumpy, and what if it sticks some of the pages together?

may be more than ocd if pages are stuck together.

True, it's always stupidly obvious. Most of the teachers at my school banned it because of that.

I've done this before because there was a couple of eyebrow hairs on all 24 pages of my tutorial reading. I ended up cutting up squares of white electrical tape to stick on every page.

Scan all the pages and it disappears on the new copies.

Damn eyelashes always gettin in my shit

You could have just photocopied the reading pages again, or you could have used the actual book...or if you're a poor college student you did the right thing.

Sometimes teachers give out the material so OP may not have the option to photocopy again or use the book...

Well not exactly. If the teacher handed out materials, OP could simply email said teacher and ask for the word document that the teacher printed the materials from.

Not sure what teachers you've had but mine wouldn't reprint...

How long was the article?

I'm guessing like 10-15 pages long or something. Otherwise it would take a hell of a long time to whiteout....

I don't have OCD and I could easily do 30-50 pages just because it annoyed me too much to leave it. I'm guessing somebody with OCD would do a lot more!

True they could. But an article is usually short. Like a chapter in an overall book.

Probably not as long as the eyelash itself, #5. jK

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Some of what...? Then OCD people? Or the things that they get bothered by?

Talking about "OCDs" as if they are objects. Good job, #8.

Just make sure it doesn't stick, then everyone will question what the white sticky stuff is. I'm sorry op

look at the gender icon, dumbass!

both genders can make the same joke you troll.

Good job OP. I feel better knowing the eyelash is gone and it's not even my paper.

It's a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere.

No one seems to care. Well I do.

Hey, who's in charge here?

It's a jungle out there. Poison in the very air we breathe.

Do you know what's in the water that you drink? Well I do, and it's amazing.

Seems kind of drastic but I hope it made you feel better.

That's OCD in a nutshell, it makes you do extreme and Irrational things just to cope with every day life. Its awful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

That would bother me too and I don't even have OCD. Good on you for finding a way to cope with it though!

This is not OCD. OCD can be explained by someone who has it. I once was told of someone who literally had to walk a mile back and forth from their destination before they could walk through a door. That's OCD. Not the fact that something isn't perfect. This is not OCD. This is just anal and low tolerance for concentration.

That is completely wrong. Even with 20 years experience I can't begin to explain OCD . Perfectionism IS a Common trait and it can be just one of many obsessions they have, we have major and minor obsessions, this isnt necessarily their main central OCD focus.

No, OCD definitely makes you concentrate on the little things too.