By Sonotsuave - United States - Arlington
Today, my now ex-friend told me she had feelings for my ex and was also choosing him over our friendship, despite being fully aware of the crazy rollercoaster our relationship was and being there to hear every detail of the trauma. She classily told me at random, in a public mall. People suck. FML
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By  ojosRojos  |  28

If she’s willing to walk away from your friendship she was never truly your friend in the first place. Let them both go - you don’t need them to be happy.

  melisssa87  |  30

Yes but it’s common sense, you wouldn’t want your ex to date your sister, brother or mother or would you? Why choose someone close to you when the world is filled with men and women to date

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

Hey guys, op here. Wow I never knew this got published. I couldn’t write the whole story out, it’s so long, but she went after someone I dated for three years.
I didn’t care so much about that part at all as she’s of course free to date whoever, but I did tell her I couldn’t really be close with her seeing as she’d be going on dates with my ex and I had cut off all contact from him. Oh, and I had found out she had started talking to him behind my back and was feeling this way for a long time and never came and told me.
She stared right into my face and said, “Well our friendship wasn’t that important anyway” after 5+ years of being friends. That was the last straw for me, after helping her through mental health problems and dealing with so much. I politely told her well, you do whatever you want and have a good life then and walked away.

Turns out she never even really went out with him, they went on one date and found it too awkward. She later told some of our mutual friends she wants to be back in our friend group and she did all that out of “loneliness,” but my friends think she may be a sociopath due to her coldness and lack of concern for other’s feelings because there’s a long history of her comments and behaviors like this, and so no one’s really been in touch with her since. I genuinely wish her and all people the best because she’s probably hurting more than me, so don’t wish her ill vibes, I was mad at the time but it’s all good.👌