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Today, my now ex-boyfriend called me over for an "important chat". This chat consisted of him not only insisting that we have sex whenever he feels like it, but demanding that I take birth control pills, because making him wear a condom is "sexist and degrading". FML
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Isn't that technically sexual harassment? Regardless, tell him you're not his sex toy. Hope things get better

Because you know, birth control also protects against STDs.


Isn't that technically sexual harassment? Regardless, tell him you're not his sex toy. Hope things get better

Should tell him he should **** himself with a broke bottle.

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Aren't you technically too stupid to be alive?


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Call the cops about what? He has the right to ask for those things. Just the same as she has the right to decline. You really need to understand that everyone has rights. I can tell my girlfriend that she needs to buy me a spaceship if I want to. And she can tell me that she refuses and will instead dump me. You need to realize this.

@62 agreed, the cops can't really do anything about it but thankfully she dumped him because no girl deserves to be treated like an object

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@90 > she can call the cops if he does all sorts of things that we have no reason to believe he did or will > even then he'd probably ony get a warning This is what 90 actually believes.

NullPointer 20

@90 That works for anything. "My best friend asked me if he could borrow $2 to buy a coke." OMFG YOU CAN CALL THE COPS ON HIM! IF HE KEEPS ASKING FOR $2 FOR A COKE EVERY 5 MINUTES FOR A YEAR THAT'S LIEK OMFG WTF YOU CAN'T DO THAT! STALKING! WAKES YOU UP AT 4 AM, STANDING OVER YOUR BED ASKING FOR $2 FOR A COKE! NOT GOOD! BREAKING AND ENTERING! CALL THE COOOOOOOOOPS! I think we have to assume what she said happened happened. Assuming all these extra crazy things is just stupid. Your example made no more sense than my coke example.

90- Sit your candy ass down. You must be one of those weak ***** who requires the government to hold their hand for every problem they encounter. Yes, anybody can call the police. It's not that difficult. Pick up a phone and dial 911. OP's ex-boyfriend was asking a question that was relevant to their relationship. Chances are he was not going to harass OP about it so all that crap you spewed about getting a restraining order for asking someone something multiple times is really irrelevant.

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I would comment but I'm afraid of being arrested. My ass can't go back to jail i've already had sex with them all

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Anyone else feel sorry for the c guy? He's being dehumanized and subjected to sexist comments just for wanting to feel pleasure.

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@229 > implying that it is sexual harassment > implying it is going to turn violent > implying you have any idea what you're talking about

They've already broken up, (see: "now ex-boyfriend") so why is there a possibility of violence? Why is there assuming that he'll stalk her?

124-No I don't feel bad for the guy he is a ******* retard.

#79 - More like NOBODY deserves to be treated like a sex object.

I totally agree with you mate although I think we are in the minority

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Birth control is not good for women and comes with a list of complications. Your comment is rude. You'll be lucky if anyone would want to have sex with you with an attitude like that.

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73 - Use your brain, it was bloody sarcasm.

loghan_fml 5

It could be taken either why and how are you so sure it'd sarcastic. There are a lot of people who say things like that on here not joking.

FunwithBumperCar 0

Yeah, pretty sure that's sarcasm... self-righteous twat, get off that high horse!!

Of it's so obvious it's sarcasm why us it buried?

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Ya dumbass it's obviously sarcasm! Only a Moron would take it seriously. *shakes head and continues to read stupid comments*

3- Looks like 162+ people can't take a joke

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dont let him treat you like his sex slave OP!

randomhangul 4

she didn't, if you noticed she said it was her "now ex boyfriend"

Sometimes you have to accept the wishes of your partner, but when he/she makes big decisions then demands you oblige, it's time to lay the law

Come to think of it (if she decided to continue her relationship) she shud definitly use birth control... Dont want any chance of him reproducing.

Vball6 19

Condoms look very uncomfortable 0_o. But that was rude of him.

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Not if you get the pleasure pack

SilverInGray 25

I really don't find them that uncomfortable.

no condom feels half as good as without, my girl takes the pill but we have been together for six years, not the kind of request you make when it might not be that serious

There is no comparison between with and without. And if there were without would win hands down. Still needed to avoid STDs though, so kids, be safe!:)

If he's do offended, why not withhold sex altogether? Then he won't have to wear a condom.

Or he can walk around wearing condoms everywhere like some sort of perpetual jackass. |the kid|

22cute 17

She broke up with him completely. Can't you read? And why do people insist on giving advice where none is called for anyway?

Because you know, birth control also protects against STDs.

I don't see why people ever use that as a reason to use condoms. if you don't **** someone with an std you can't get an std.

SilverInGray 25

Cause everybody is always perfectly honest, and automatically knows when they have one of those.

charmanderCHAR 5

You're stupid, 12. Just to let you know, a lot of STD symptoms don't even visibly show up on males. It's not an excuse to use a condom; it's common sense.

Also, some STDs can be spread by blood or skin contact. Better safe than sorry. You can't always be sure that your partner isn't cheating, either.

28: I call it "condom sense." (Oh, and I like your username.) |the kid|

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8, I hope you were kidding about birth control preventing STD's. >.>

KiddNYC1O 20

I hate when people practice sex with just birth control pills.

asia3pea90 13

I hope that was a typo or you were being sarcastic because the pill does NOT prevent STDs.

Neither do condoms. :/ You should have learned that in health class.. lol

Yes condoms do protect against STDs #312. They prevent the swap of bodily fluids and direct contact, which is the cause of STD transmission. Sometimes they fail with HPV and herpes because these spread through skin contact, but condoms often prevent these too. As long as the condom doesn't break, isn't faulty, and isn't made of lambskin, they will protect you against the majority of STDs. They even protect against big ones like HIV. You should have learned this in health class.

how about you dump him, and not have to worry about his bullshit?

charmanderCHAR 5

Congrats on not reading the FIRST FIVE WORDS of the goddamn FML, you twat.

FYLDeep 25

How about reading the FML, so we don't have to worry about your bullshit? I may be beating a dead horse here...

When the FML doesn't point out they dumped the douche of a partner, there are always posts asking why they didn't. When it does say/imply they did, there's still comments saying to dump them... Also, good on you OP for leaving him. Though looking into various forms of birth control is always a good idea, what he said and how he said it is/was just not an attitude anyone should have to deal with.

I believe she already did? Being that he is her "now ex-boyfriend"

EvilTeddysRock 2

congrats on the "now ex" part :)

leogirl95 12

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How about you go find a dictionary and look up "rape".

How about the fact that OP's ex is not penetrating against OPs consent?

SilverInGray 25
mom2pen 4

If she says no and he forces her to have sex, it is RAPE!!!

SilverInGray 25

But he didn't force her to? At least that's not applied at all.

And he is not MAKING her do ANYTHING! Where the **** does it say he forced her into having sex when she said no?

13FTW 9

38 & 13, it's the people like you that allow the "stupid American" stereotype to work. Why is America full of dumbasses?!

NullPointer 20

> How is this not rape? It doesn't involve forced sex. That is how it isn't rape. Any other brain busters?

SilverInGray 25

51, Because every country is. Every single one.

Cobro 5

51, Because for every 1 smart, kind, and opened minded person (American or not) there's gonna be 5 idiots keeping him/her down and shooting down their ideas. Once you realize what group your apart of life gets easier ^^

And 60 obviously isn't a part of the group that can use the right you're, or knows that a part is two words.

13FTW 9

Hey dumbshit, 101, apart is one word last time I checked. The guy messed up a simple "you're" give him a break, he was trying to make a point. Instead you're all like" HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT, HE SPELLED YOU'RE WRONG. IMMA CALL HIM OUT AND MAKE HIM LOOK STUPID AND BE PRAISED BY FML." But, in reality, who really looks stupid?

While it can be one word, apart would not mean the same as a part. So yes he did try to make him look dumb, you are also a dumb ass! So you also belong in the 5 that keep the smart one down! LMAO

Apart - separate from; I set the red beads apart from the blue beads. A part - belonging to; The red beads will be a part of a necklace. Questions?