By no booze, no boyfriend - United States
Today, my now ex-boyfriend called me from jail, expecting me to bail him out. He'd tried to buy a load of booze at the liquor store and came up short by ten cents. The cashier refused to be short-changed, and he figured the only reasonable reaction was to punch her in the face. FML
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  Darkmagic666  |  9

65, it said he hit a female, and hitting anyone for such a reason is stupid. Not to mention if he happened to be drunk or something and got angry at OP there is a possibility he may hit her.

By  gloooooria  |  14

I'm glad you left him there to deal with the consequences of his immature and disrespectful actions. I hope that cashier presses charges too!
And good for you for making someone like him your ex!

By  flashback.miss  |  28

Good, let him wallow in there and pay for his crime. And thanks for writing ''ex-boyfriend-; that'll save a lot of hopefully ex-boyfriend comments. (Next time he'll hopefully think twice before emulating Jersey Shore.)