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please tell me you left him in there!

Is it wrong to laugh?


please tell me you left him in there!

I think that's what OP did when she refers to now ex-boyfriend.

I hope you didnt do it

Because next time it will be you he hits OP.

54- Oh, shut up. Hitting a man/stranger doesn't mean you're going to go home and beat your girlfriend. Quit being so ignorant.

if he punches somebody over such a ridiculous reason, it's fair to assume he would also hit his girlfriend eventually.

65, it said he hit a female, and hitting anyone for such a reason is stupid. Not to mention if he happened to be drunk or something and got angry at OP there is a possibility he may hit her.

Lmao glad someone asked

Is it wrong to laugh?

I lol'd. That means it probably is.

See you all in hell!

it may be wrong, but feels OH SO RIGHT.

Apparently not (+54 likes -->).

Nah. I did too

Your ex-boyfriend needs to see a counselor for his temper.

I'm glad you left him there to deal with the consequences of his immature and disrespectful actions. I hope that cashier presses charges too! And good for you for making someone like him your ex!

If he's in jail I'm guessing the cashier already pressed charges.

You don't have to press charges to send someone to jail. He's in jail for commiting a crime.

Let the scum bag stay in jail and that will teach him a lesson

i.wonder if he was drunk when he went in there... thinking he'd get away with that behaviour unscathed... dipshit

Please tell me you left his ass there!! He deserves to sit in a corner next to Bubba and think about what he's done.

Nah, it'd be too hard to sit.

Good, let him wallow in there and pay for his crime. And thanks for writing ''ex-boyfriend-; that'll save a lot of hopefully ex-boyfriend comments. (Next time he'll hopefully think twice before emulating Jersey Shore.)

Unfortunately some people didn't manage to figure out that she left him in there and said they hope she did, lol.

Well him being an ex it is not your problem...what a waste of his one phone call...but honestly ten cents doesn't deserve a punch...

They were still together when he called. OP broke it off over the phone.

Oh thanks for the clarification 25...