By Anonymous - United States
Today, my nose was really stuffed up and I was out of cold medicine. I heard spices may help with this kind of problem. Unfortunately I thought red pepper would be a great thing to snort at the time. Not only is my nose still stuffed up but I also have immense nasal pain. FML
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  pinkfrogsoup  |  0

a good way to clear a cogested nose is to boil some water and after it's done boiling remove it from the stove and place a towel above it and over your head and just take deep breaths of the steam. I dont know if it works for everyone but it works for me.

  strike9  |  0

Yes, as long as he dosen´t immediately put his head over the first blow of steam, which will burn his face lol. It´s called eating spices on foods, not snorting it. Lol.

  Icalasari  |  0

Yeah, I agree with #1. Stuffing something up your nose usually DOESN'T help to unstuff it. Try some mint oil dripped on top of water that is heated up and sniffing the scent. It REALLY clears up the nose

  TheRealHouse  |  7

You can't snort crack, you smoke it. That's why it's called rock. you snort cocaine which is a powder. You cook coke into a rock form called crack so you can smoke it for a better high. Don't talk about drugs if you don't know anything about them.

  intotheblue  |  0

We all know these kinds of people breed more than the rest of us. OP probably doesn't know where the condom is supposed to go. Of course he'll breed. Haven't you ever seen Idiocracy? I wish we -could- weed people like this out of the gene pool though...

  yabrett  |  0

I actually came onto safari from the app to post this since I don't have FML pro just so I could tell you how FUCKING RETARTED you are! Ever seen the movie idiocracy? If you do breed your children will play major roles in that society

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Have you never had peppers before? They can be painful just by eating them. And who snorts spices and herbs up their nose? I was under the impression you eat or drink them. Maybe even boil water and breathe in the steam, but certainly not snort them.

By  Seti_fml  |  0

you're an idiot op. I usually try to avoid making those kinds of statements... but i don't know any nicer way to inform you about how incredibly stupid you must be to do something like that and assume there would be good results.

By  aback  |  4

Are you really that stupid? Why would you snort random substances up your nose? At best, pour hot water over them and inhale the steam, but don't do that with pepper or anything that will inflame your eyes. Go buy a jar of vaporub. Jeez.