By Anonymous - 07/09/2010 10:17 - United States

Today, my new wife and I got back from our honeymoon. Her parents had dropped our wedding gifts off at our apartment, but didn't lock the door. We came home to start off our new life together to a wrecked apartment and no gifts. FML
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wow! kind of seems like they should be responsible for buying you new gifts. I can't believe someone wouldn't make absolutely sure that the door to a place where people could've just seen you take a bunch of gifts was locked. it's like going christmas shopping at the mall, taking a handful of gifts to the car, and going back to shop more: the gifts will be gone when you get back. oh well... sorry op : (

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OMG kill your step parents!


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OMG kill your step parents!

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I meant parents in law.... y'all knew what I meant

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fail lol

NotYourOrdinary7 6

fail lol

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They aren't his step parents...

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nod "hangs head"

so much fail happening here.

now your playing with burglary

horrible horrible situation- but you gotta learn what's truly important here

Yeah, your in laws suck ass and I hope they feel absolutely horrible for their stupidity.

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you live under my roof you live by my rules!!

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inlaws just fuck everything up!!! they should mind their own damn business!!!!

haha that sucks fyl

he was probably living in the projects

Ouch, sorry bro.

u still have each other, awwww

that's a great start to your new life together

Oh man... that sucks :/


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That really sucks, FYL.

I was about to say you were really pretty but then I saw the shitload of piercings and changed my mind. ew at the one on the bridge of your nose. ick. and lol op kill them

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Thank you...?

I still think your pretty!! :D

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me too :)

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Thank you, lol. (:

You are authentically pretty. Your not 1 of those blond bomb shells. I like that type of hair on girls :)

did you kill your parents? (i would) %^]

wow at least youre jk who gives a shit about tht its all about the material!

You probably have no relationship with anyone if you think it's all about the material.

I was obviously being sarcastic. This is called a joke.

yes #24 if you're on fml you need to learn sarcasm. you're gonna see ot ALLOT.

Make them pay for at least half of everything stolen.

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There's a great foundation for a happy marriage.