By notyourcleaner - / Tuesday 13 January 2015 11:06 / Malaysia - Puchong
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  linkinpark98  |  23

I'd rather "teach her a lesson" instead of throwing her out. Maybe something along the lines of forcing her to clean up her own throw up with a toothbrush and some thin napkins.


#39 OP is her roomate not her parent if my roomate tried to make me clean something with a toothbrush for "punishment" (even if I deserved it like OP's roomate) I would tell her to go fuck herself. Parent/child discipline doesn't really cross over to relations with peers.

  xSphinx  |  18

39, kicking her alcoholic ass out IS teaching her a lesson. You can't force someone you love with who pays rent to do something for being a cunt, she's not the OPs child.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

It amazes me how people associate that with having a good time. How is puking, blacking out, not remembering anything, having a hangover and massive headache in any way a good time?! I can have a really good time and after I experience none of those issues.

By  Pleonasm  |  31

Scoop all the vomit into a bucket and pour it back onto her face while she's sleeping.
Maybe she'll learn the lesson. Or she will wake up and won't remember a thing. Win/Win

  linkinpark98  |  23

I don't think letting the smell of someone else's throw up permanently sit in your house and all over your bathroom floor is a good alternative to just talking to your roommate about cleaning it up.

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