By Emmmsie - 08/07/2017 18:00

Today, my new passport arrived, along with my expired one and its 20-year-old picture. I was comparing the photos when my husband came to look. He laughed and said, "Time is cruel." FML
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Time to get him a PornHub account.

"Wait until yours show up, Mr."


How did the expired one just show up? O.o

When she applied for a new passport, she probably had to send in the expired one. When they mail the new one, they return the old one to you.

Time to get him a PornHub account.

"Wait until yours show up, Mr."

It's your husband who is cruel. It takes a horrible person to be that mean to their spouse.

oh that's a little steep! it was just a joke! some couples constantly make fun of each other and it works. besides, 20 years would clearly make a difference.

Passport photos have progressively been looking worse. My mom just got a new one and it looks horrible. Her face looks red and shiny, which it isn't in real life. Don't worry about it

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Print out a picture of what he looked like 20 yrs ago and ask him to wear it during sex. Then smile and tell him "Time is cruel."