By sigh - United States - Charlotte
Today, my new neighbor offered to "humanely capture and relocate" the squirrels in my attic. He then "humanely" shot at them with a BB gun, and the "relocated" them into his stomach once they were killed. Welcome to the neighborhood. FML
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  LoZLink01  |  10

It all depends on where you live, they're abundant around here and they tear up insulation and wiring in houses. If they're left there to nest you'll just get twice the amount of tree rats destroying everything, so we just opt to shoot them. I do see how someone could say that's horrible though.

  JPBlaze1301  |  7

Well from personal experience, my dogs have only once been able to kill a squirrel. It was a sick one that was probably never going to get better and would die anyways.

  interesting33  |  36

Nature yes - so outside the dogs might do it, but to trap the squirrels somewhere so they can't get away and have the dog slowly pick them off - that seems wrong. Isn't it a cruel way of killing something?

  WhiteMagickz  |  16

The problem with what the neighbor did is that he lied to OP about how he was going to deal with the squirrels. He said he was going to humanely remove them and relocate them, of which he did neither.

  platnum42  |  8

They also absorb flavor really well. I cooked some recently with a pot that the night before made beef stew in and just wiped the pot down getting all the grime from the stew out of it, and they tasted amazing.