By Brenden / Tuesday 14 May 2013 23:52 / United States - Massillon
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  poopsi  |  19

I don't know.. I personally think it was a sweet gesture that was simply misconstrued. The girls father was much to quick to judge, OP, but thumbs up to you for being a gentleman. And besides that, he didn't say he opened with "let me mow your lawn.". o.o

  pmadNess  |  14

48- that's a crime if passion and most if those are done up close with household items... Things that you yourself use daily... I say we outlaw all household items!!!! Hear hear!!

By  olpally  |  32

If there's grass on the infield, play ball! Lol. Jk. Watch your step op, dad's are very protective of their daughters, this is no different. Haha.

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