By SHIIIIITTTT - United States - Houston
Today, my new boss, the CEO's son, finally showed up for work, three days late and right after lunch break. His first order of business was to call a meeting and scream at everyone for not having a diet latte waiting for him on his desk. God help us all. FML
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  p3mguin  |  7

My boss got a new lambo a couple days ago and the boss's son(who is one of the managers - of course - ) complained about the lambo not being "his" favorite color. Even though it's not his...

  Aniki_Sohma  |  20

My advice would be to get him to jump out a window. Remind him of his small penis, tell him how he never got laid in college, and if worst comes to worst, push him out the goddam window.

  downtime  |  12

If you ever see anyone bring in a latte for him...go in and drink it yourself. It will make listening to his bitching seem like a sweet reward. Make sure you fuck with him by rearranging all his things, taking and replacing various objects on his desk and suck up so he never suspects you for a second. The moments of self satisfaction would make the job more bearable.


#16 They might get fired, but you can slap a lawsuit on the company. We'll see how the CEO's son's testimony holds up in court. " But Your Honor, It wasn't a diet latte, so I fired him." Let's see how that works out .