By SHIIIIITTTT - 10/08/2012 23:16 - United States - Houston

Today, my new boss, the CEO's son, finally showed up for work, three days late and right after lunch break. His first order of business was to call a meeting and scream at everyone for not having a diet latte waiting for him on his desk. God help us all. FML
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Sounds like the typical movie-like spoiled rich kid.

He's obviously a different person before he has his coffee.


Sounds like the typical movie-like spoiled rich kid.

and if movies are anything to learn from.....soon you'll have his job and get the girl.

Horrible bosses is a good way to learn how to deal with said individuals... And is funny as hell

My boss got a new lambo a couple days ago and the boss's son(who is one of the managers - of course - ) complained about the lambo not being "his" favorite color. Even though it's not his...

F all of your lives..

My advice would be to get him to jump out a window. Remind him of his small penis, tell him how he never got laid in college, and if worst comes to worst, push him out the goddam window.

36 - So OP should belittle him repeatedly up until he murders his boss? How could that go wrong?

Whatever movie this is should turn into a boxing movie. That or a slapstick buddy comedy.

Sounds like it's time for laxatives in his latte :-)

If you ever see anyone bring in a latte for him...go in and drink it yourself. It will make listening to his bitching seem like a sweet reward. Make sure you fuck with him by rearranging all his things, taking and replacing various objects on his desk and suck up so he never suspects you for a second. The moments of self satisfaction would make the job more bearable.

Oh ya don't say?

#70 Sounds like it's time for strychnine in his latte...

How dare you! Not getting him his diet latte....smh (sarcasm) I wish you lots of luck....

Poor OP. and there's nothing he can do. This is funny in the movies but surprising and disappointing it happens in real life

Latte with laxative just what he ordered.

WTF IS A DIET LATTE?!?! I hope he gets slapped by a cyclist just for asking for one of those.

Nepotism is alive and well, folks.

Where in the world do u work at?? I wouldnt take it seriously.

Don't mess with Texas

47- Okay, I won't litter in Texas.

13- its the new soviet Russia

Sounds like new York..

I wouldn't want to work at a place where that behavior is not punished.

It's the CEO's son. OP can't do shit if the CEO won't hear it...either way his life is going to be miserable. Start tuning up that resumé OP!

Well, I would work anyplace that gave me a job. Frankly, in this economy, you have to take what you can get if you want to have an income that isn't unemployment.

He's obviously a different person before he has his coffee.

Made me laugh out loud. :)

He probably didn't have his coffee for... Three days?

Your comment made me laugh and as I'm at my parents house they looked at me weird.....this happens a lot to me

Spoiled little brat. FYL indeed.

sounds like you need Motherfucker Jones.

And $5,000 in a suitcase..

Hell yea! :) lol

This guy must have not seen to many hidden camera shows. This dude is just asking for someone to piss in his latte!

Horrible Bosses anyone?

Give him a regular latte, see how he reacts when he finds out its not diet.Revenge:)

Oh! The horror!

that's your idea of revenge? terrifying. not to mention that someone who reacts the way this guy does would easily consider this a fireable offense.

#10, people would get fired then

#16 They might get fired, but you can slap a lawsuit on the company. We'll see how the CEO's son's testimony holds up in court. " But Your Honor, It wasn't a diet latte, so I fired him." Let's see how that works out .