By hypocrite - 03/07/2012 16:43 - Canada - Campbell River

Today, my new boss gave everyone a lecture about sexual harassment in the workplace. Which would be fine if he'd been able to tear his gaze off my chest for more than a minute at a time. FML
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I see a raise in your future. Though it may not be the one you want..

I'd say call him up on it, but it could have bad repercussions, ie. you losing your job..


I'd say call him up on it, but it could have bad repercussions, ie. you losing your job..

Wear less revealing shirts...turtlenecks anyone?

Wear less revealing shirts...turtlenecks anyone?

Yeah, turtlenecks in the summer..... Mmmmm sweaty @[email protected] Lol.... You know it's hot here in Canada as well...? Anything BUT a turtleneck would be nice. Maybe consider adding camisoles under your more "low-cut" shirts? Etc..

Breast reduction? Ummmm... How are suppose to consintrate with all these boobies around?

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Not letting these replies end with #85's comment. More to the point, people should be able to control themselves, no matter how glorious the 'boobies', as #85 puts it.

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Uhh maybe dont dress like a slut. You should dress proffesional so you dont have this issue instead of trying to show off your cleavage so syop complaining

Cover your chest up at the workplace.

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Hate to say it, but pretty much this. If you were covered up, though, then that's a rough situation to be in, but you should probably talk to him about it.

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People should be able to control themselves, revealing clothing or not.

Wow, really? You do realize tits can be seen with or without revealing clothing, right? Besides, even if she did have "revealing" clothing on, the guy's a fuckin' juvenile hypocrite. Slut-shaming virgin, I presume, Hiimhaileypotter?

That's like saying if a girl wears a short skirt, she deserves to be raped. That's wrong. You should be able to wear what you want without having to worry about people being perverts.

12- What's slut-shaming have to do with virginity? I know people who sleep around and still slut-shame. There's no correlation. I'm a virgin, and I respect people's wishes to do as they please sexually. It's none of my damn business, let alone anyone else's. Otherwise, I agree with the rest of your comment.

Nothing wrong with being a virgin, I was just pointing out that with her attitude, nobody with any self-respect would touch her. She thinks she's all "moral" spouting her shit, but what moral person makes assumptions like she did, much less says someone deserves that kind of treatment?

staring at someones chest isnt comparable to rape. wearing revealing clothing is just like shouting at people to check out your goods.. wear more conservative clothing if youre going to complain about people looking.

Everyone has a different definition for revealing, so one persons revealing will be another persons normal

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Don't wear the uniform if you don't do the job. Wearing sexy outfits and complaining that people look is like wearing a police uniform and getting pissed off that people think you're a cop.

Most women's shirts are not designed with a top button; maybe patriarchal society stretches over the fashion industry to ensure women are at least sexually exploited. But this contradicts the facts there are laws on sexual harassment in the first place. Or maybe it's as simple as OP's boss gawking at OP's rack.

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I do realize that OP's boss is a hypocrite. I Only meant that if she was dressed completely inappropriately, she should've expected people to look. But she doesn't deserve the boss being a hypocrite. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

"should've expected" is very different to "YDI" :/

Remember guys, never, ever, ever, check out a woman at work. It's sexual harassment.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I retract my earlier comment. It didn't come out the way I meant it at ALL. Sorry.

Sometimes FMLs need to come with visuals, most of the time I'm glad they don't but on this one it's kind of needed. If OP wears clothes that basically mean her boobs hang out (as some women do in the workplace) then that's inappropriate, and she's getting the attention she asked for. It's just the same as a guy deciding to wear chaps to work and wandering around saying, 'Don't look at my ass!'. On the other hand, if OP is dressed appropriately for her job then she has every right to be offended. I guess we'll never know.

As far as "revealing clothing" goes, that may not have been the case - a woman can wear a fitted blouse and, just because it clings to her body and provides a sexy/shapely sillouhette, people WILL stare, even if she's covered from head to toe in clothing. Maybe ONE button on her shirt was undone by accident (frequently shirts with buttons down the center of the breasts will pop open if the shirt does not fit that area properly), and the Boss was looking at her breasts through that (and not because she was wearing "revealing" clothing). Maaaaybe, the boss was just staring around (nervous?) and possibly didn't realize he was staring at your chest? Highly unlikely, but you get my point... ....OR, maybe OP was wearing something unsuitable for the workplace. Who knows. (We cooouuulddd- Only if OP posts a reply, that is...) Just a handful of possibilities here ^ But, GAH!! Sorry for the damn novel! ...

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Excuse me for asking but what is YDI?

People should be able to wear what they want in public, but in the workplace dress code is up to the employer. EX Wearing a bathing suit as a female prison guard, if you were to wear that you should know you would probably get raped.

71- It means "You Deserve It".

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no no it means Yummy Douche Incense.

Too bad she wasn't breastfeeding, then everyone would be saying FYL... Realistically though, how do you know he was staring and wasn't just looking in that direction because he is uncomfortable presenting to groups or was thinking while talking? He may not have been consciously focusing in the direction his eyes were looking. If he was staring then he's a bit of a tool though, and the irony makes it an amusing situation but you guys might be blowing it a little out of proportion. Seriously, comparing staring at someones chest to rape? What kind of idiotic logic is that...?

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I think I speak for everyone when I say that if the boss has a sleepy eye or eyes it would make for a completely different view of this FML. A funnier one, at that.

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Fuck that. People can wear why they fucking want. It's up to others not to be fucking creepers.

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Ydi = You Deserve It

bleddyn13 1

It's not too idiotic. People saying "she should have expected it" have used that line in both situations. That's what it's comparable in that way.

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Maybe he felt sexually harassed by this woman being over exposed. That might be why he couldnt focus

I see a raise in your future. Though it may not be the one you want..

This comment deserves an award.

Okay #62 too far..

It's a compliment op. your boss thinks you're attractive.

Call him on it. Edit: Someone already said that

I'd give him a sideways look and cross my arms over my chest. He'll get the hint. That's better than calling him out and facing the consequences.

At least he didn't touch them and suddenly jizz...

At least he didn't kidnap you and then torture you. Keeping you locked in his mother's basement, raping you all the while, too. Neither of these comments are anywhere near relevant to the FML. There is always an "at least..."

Errr, what the hell goes on in your mind 11? Honestly -_-

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Yes, what a relief.

your an idiot

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"so everyone remember that tits, ahem this workplace is no place to act like a boob, sexual harassment won't be tolerated and if you need to get something off your chest, then cum to me so you don't go bonkers."

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Just saying. I like your default picture. LMFAO . Nice.

Lol that's hilarious for those of us who understood the comment

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What kind of idiot wouldn't understand that?

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Just as your username says, your boss is a hypocrite... But I wonder what you're wearing though? Need more info! For now, I'll say fyl because that's wrong regardless if you're completely covered up or showing some skin..