By Anonymous
  Today, my new bikini must be cheap as shit because I tanned nicely where I put on sunscreen, but where I didn’t apply it under the bikini I’ve gotten super red sunburn on my butt, my lady bits, and my boobs. My nipples look like the ends of red felt tip pens. FML
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By  azouwa  |  26

I'm just here to read what the pervs have to say. Sorry OP. your life sucks.

By  MyS3lf  |  24

Happened to me once before, although I'm mostly of Irish heritage so I limit the amount of time I spend in the sun because I'll burn with spf 50 on, anyway, that's why I always put sunblock on every inch of my body before putting on a bikini. That and sometimes if you move around too much so does your suit and then you get weird sunburn streaks. Hope you get to feeling better soon!