By Anonymous / Saturday 26 November 2011 01:25 / United Kingdom
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  brookwick  |  0

That's really cheerful. Thanks for sharing.


But 24, anyone psycho enough to do that just because the football was on their lawn is surely psycho enough to hunt down and maim the person who slashed their tires!!!

By  why_R_U_gay  |  1

put a bouncing betty at their front door than throw the football...

By  Buttsexpirate  |  8

Try baseball, or soccer! Or maybe, how about flag football? So many options!

By  Ilikeurfmls  |  13

Then take there dog and do the same thing... Except write something like "it'll be in your face if it barks again". ... Did I go too far? I did? Oops.

By  unhappybitch  |  8

Just put some grenades in that football at throw it inside their house!

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