By XxFA1LxX - 22/07/2012 13:57 - Canada - Calgary

Today, my neighbors bought a signal scrambler to stop their kids from going on the internet at night. Too bad it blocks my internet too. FML
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A scrambler, really? Has your neighbour ever heard of passwords and parental control? It's not that hard.

Woah a scrambler? It's not that hard to block Internet access for kids


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Well that would be helpful during the school year but during summer vacation? This is the time of year were people are divided into to categories. Those who sleep day and night, and those who sleep like 2 hours each week. If he is the latter, then he's screwed.

Ah, now how is OP supposed to watch their porn. It truly is a terrible sight when a person cant get on the Internet for a late night wank.

Not everyone has a typical sleep schedule. What if OP works swing shift and his/her time to go online is at a later hour? Not very fair.

Are you that fucking stupid?

Take em to court

107-I feel so loved :/

Just change your wifi ch, you're most likely set to auto, just play with the settings. 6, 11, & 3 are usually pretty solid

They're using it for their kids. The kids go to sleep before parents do. It may be a reasonable time for OP to be awake.

Tell her that it's blocking your Internet then luls

39- he is suggesting that OP should go talk to his neighbors about his Internet interference and then laugh out loud's.

luls- laugh ultra loud?

luls- laugh ultra loud?

Go talk to them about it. Parents can easily make an admin account with a password and control the hours that the Internet is available. Such as 9-1 and 4-12...those are my hours cause I'm so addicted lol

Or just buy a blocker and block theirs all day when you're at work :D

Or just kill the power to their place anytime you want to go online. They'll get the message. I assume you've already spoken to them and they refuse to turn it off...

No more late night chat for you. Sucks to be you! :(

Atleast op can get some sleep now...

No more chat roullet fap sessions either.

4 - Sleep is for squares!

106- I love sleeping.

Uhhhh....Just complain about it. Also, why not just unplug the internet and take the wire?

161-good for you.

Woah a scrambler? It's not that hard to block Internet access for kids

Don't underestimate the abilities of a determined child...

^relevant profile picture.

All you have to do is unplug the wireless router. Not that hard.

But what happens if they figure out that the best way to get connected to the internet on a PC is ethernet cables?!?! Oh the humanity! It would be worse than that whole Y2K thing!

It's just as easy to plug the router back in...

I thought those were illegal because my school got in trouble for putting them in to stop kids using their phones.

110 - I know what you mean. I was able to replace a router power cord with a laptop charger!

They are illegal.

I can see why they would be illegal to use in a school, because after the Columbine shootings it was decreed that students could have cell phones in school for emergency purposes, so long as they didn't use them during school for texting and whatnot.

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^ Agreed. It could even be illegal in your area. I know it is for civilians to use like cell phone scramblers and stuff (in my area, at least), so I can't imagine Internet scramblers being too much different as far as regulations go.

Why would Internet be a human right? You wont die without it, and everything online you get get in real life. That's like saying comic books are a basic human right.

I don't know all the details, but I know for sure that the UN has listed the internet as a basic human right, and that disconnecting people from it is violating human rights laws, but I don't know to what scale that was intended :/

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I'm pretty sure the UN labeled Internet access a human right because of government censorship. Internet censorship prevents people from getting unbiased news and communicating with the rest of the world. It makes sense that it's a human right.

I'm pretty sure I can suck a dick.

35- the Internet is a profoundly powerful tool in dispersing power. Comic books is a really poor comparison in the power and scope the Internet has been in changing society and power shifts.

A scrambler, really? Has your neighbour ever heard of passwords and parental control? It's not that hard.

That was my first thought as well...Or just unplug some cables =P At least that's what my dad used to do when I was younger...

If this happened to me my first thoughts would be… No more midnight porn….… but I need the P-U-S-S-YYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Are you a technology virgin or just stupid? Parental controls don't work unless your child is dumber than a rock. I went around parental controls for years before my parents saw me on my laptop around midnight. And as for passwords, those can be cracked or changed in the blink of an eye. If their kids are technology savvy, they probably need more than a scrambler, though, as said device can easily be disabled during the day and turned back on when they are done

That seems mean 137. But okay. I'd confront your neighbor OP. then go to the police if he does nothing.

Maybe their Asian babies and can hack through passwords.....

137- Try cracking the following password 1(/$,7!aicksuxns)/&)hdhcu!>£[¥. It's almost impossible without a supercomputer - something most people don't have.

"Too bad it blocks my internet too." Then how are you on here?

Read the FML, especially this part: " stop their kids from going on the internet at night.". AT NIGHT! OP could have posted this during the day. How about getting some reading skills or troll harder to call "fake" on this.

They bought it to block the signal at night, so it should work during the day. /).-

Besides what #12 says, OP's or their neighbour's is not the only internet connection in the world, you know, right?. Or else, "how are you on here", #8?

Confront your neighbors. I wouldn't be able to sleep without FML at night. Even though my dreams tend to be fucked up because of it. XD

Thumbs up. But it's at 69 right now and I can't bring myself to ruin it...

That's actually so inconsiderate... I would go ask them not to. If that fails, I would seek revenge such as jamming their network during the day. If the hammer is set to a specific channel u could try changing yours on your router to avoid it, but it might block the entire range idk. Just suggest they turn their wifi off at night?

No, OP shouldn't have to change his channel just because of this. The kid's parents could have just set up controls and limits.

Not all phones have to use wifi. Mine is currently running on 4G. Blocking wifi might not work, unless the connection where OP lives is nonexistent.

43- for a lot if people wifi is much better because their carriers charge to use the 4G features

I agree, not to mention ur not gunna wanna have to connect everything in ur house to cellular (laptop, Xbox, smartphone and whatever else is on wifi) it simply isn't fair that neibours could do that.

Tell them. If they don't do anything about it, I believe you have a reason to call a lawyer.