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By  irisr_fml  |  24

It's embarrasing, but everyone knows what they are and that half the world gets periods. Not a real secret, but still FYL for having to pick up trash from the streets

By  radiocaf  |  29

First off, how can people think you deserved this? I'd love to hear their "logic". Second, at least you're a decent enough human being to pick them up again. Good on you, OP.

  trver  |  4

I'd love to give you some logic on how this could possibly be a YDI. First off OP didn't cover their trash can which could make it a YDI. Also, in my bathroom, and I'm assuming other people's, the trash can is a small 16 inch by 8 by 8 can, which would hardly fill up my families entire trash. Another point is that women only have their time of the month once a month, I'm not completely sure but I doubt she'd need 50 pad or tampons for that. If she let her trash stack up to that amount until today, YDI. Basically it's unlikely OP was walking around the neighborhood picking up forty pieces of personal trash like the picture the fml painted for you

By  DFMLharsh  |  20

Oh I know the pain OP. The exact same thing happened to me a few days ago, only that it was my kitchen waste that was littered. Good thing you picked it up!