By its still broken - United States - Jacksonville
Today, my neighbor came over to borrow my lawnmower. As I have previously loaned it to him and he returned it broken, I refused. He then promptly ate the strawberries off my daughter's small strawberry plant and stormed off. FML
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  jtthegr8  |  26

At least he didn't tear the plant out of the ground. My neighbor did that to me when I was 7 with my strawberry plant. Either way this is a terrible deed by any person

  leogachi  |  15

That username though.

  gracehi  |  31

It says it's still "broken," not that it's inoperable. It might just run very poorly or have a broken aesthetic part. Although you may be right. Broken could mean inoperable too. Still, it would be worth it to get it fixed or get a new lawn mower that much faster for the sake of sweet, sweet, revenge.