By its still broken - 11/06/2015 00:13 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, my neighbor came over to borrow my lawnmower. As I have previously loaned it to him and he returned it broken, I refused. He then promptly ate the strawberries off my daughter's small strawberry plant and stormed off. FML
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You should kick him in HIS berries

Well, that was berry meanest.


Well, that was berry meanest.

Everyone berry well knew there would be a pun to start off the comments

That was the last straw for that neighbor

Maybe he will get sick from not washing them first. You can always hope OP

cccccccombo breaker! but I agree, you should plant one right in his face OP.

he fucked up. you never steal strawberries from a child.

At least he didn't tear the plant out of the ground. My neighbor did that to me when I was 7 with my strawberry plant. Either way this is a terrible deed by any person

You should kick him in HIS berries

That wasn't berry nice at all

ColonelCusswords 24

3 minutes late bud

hoosiergirl94 31

Because that's what mature adults do

I would've said something negative but you're absolutely hot and well, just couldn't do it.

I'm a hot girl too. buy me dinner and drinks please. I need more free stuff from horny men.

leogachi 15

That username though.

Damn, I need to give you more than just one thumb up, #12!

Apparently attractive women are seen as having an inability to use sarcasm. Way to go, guys.

If there's free food involved I can be hot,too.

Go to the store and buy a few boxes of strawberries and smash them on his front door.

ColonelCusswords 24

Take away "front door" and add "ugly ass face"

myoukei 31

But that's such a waste ;-; I'm sure op's daughter is the one who needs that box a bit more....

He'll probably still eat them.

Mow his lawn into the shape of a cock and balls. He won't be able to fix it because he evidently doesn't have a lawn mower.

Brilliant idea, but OP doesn't have a functioning lawn mower either :/

ColonelCusswords 24

He doesnt either tho

It says it's still "broken," not that it's inoperable. It might just run very poorly or have a broken aesthetic part. Although you may be right. Broken could mean inoperable too. Still, it would be worth it to get it fixed or get a new lawn mower that much faster for the sake of sweet, sweet, revenge.

It says broken in the past. So it's possible that the neighbor broke one and OP bought a new one.

The user name says "it's still broken." :'(

Send your daughter round to kick the strawberries out of him. She's a minor, she doesn't know what she's doing ;)

ColonelCusswords 24

If shes too small to kick strawberries out of a person, give her a baseball bat

When he's not at home you could mow a shape into his garden. A penis or some rude words.