By Anonymous - 09/01/2011 11:38 - Australia

Today, my mum is convinced I'm a hoarder. While I was out of the house, she went through my room and threw out stuff I "don't need." This included $500 worth of textbooks, a flash drive with crucial work on it, and my phone charger. FML
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LoCo2299 0

never let parents clean around your house

Walk into her room, and throw her things out. Or better, pack them into a bag and drive them off to a local dumpster. And tell her that once she tries going through your stuff again, this will repeat.


LoCo2299 0

never let parents clean around your house

hotscar 3

yeah. my mom threw out a folder full of all state choir rehearsal music... now I have to pay for it

badintentions 0

maybe next time leave out a bunch of porn, sex toys, weird fetish shit, & stinky bottles of KY so she won't want snoop or to touch anything.

rallets 22

why would she throw away something as small as a flashdrive and a phone charger?

33 I'm thinking it was more of a 'bitch fit' than a hoarding intervention.

cowboyy_fml 0

y'all are discusting and need to grow up already

MCRUsedTheFate 0

she can always get her stuff back. and her parents need to mind their own business and stay out of her room!

milakitty21 0

$500 worth of text books is like two books..

Draminicaus 0

That's still $500 she ain't seeing again. lol

Draminicaus 0

What the shit-cunt?

Draminicaus, you obviously haven't finished school. This person mentioned that important items were thrown-away. Not a tv and a phone. Also, if the subject is over 12. Possession within the bedroom can be considered legal-possession especially if items were education-related. the Mother is hysterical and needs opium to calm herself. Perhaps some shock-therapy.

and from one nerd to another; Have a heart mate! you try and live without your textbooks, USB drives, a phone or the internet... I'd give you 72hrs before you went crazy!

Draminicaus 0

No.....That comment was intended for some little punk that wanted to call CPA on his parents if they tried to kick him out. I don't know what the fuck happened. I posted that comment and I was, like, #60 something. I load FML later and I've replaced the #1 post. Hence the "What the Shit-cunt?" comment. *Shrugs*

ashrandom 0

...So it's right for her to ruin her kids chances of getting an education, graduating and moving on in life?

109, so you probably mean me? Dear sir, I'm very, very amused at your attempts to insult me - but no, they don't work. Also, this "little punk" is a female and older than you. Thus, please proceed to curl your attitude into a tube and shove it down your foul throat. You keep silence => no-one has to read lousy comments => PROFIT.

l0lkitteh 0

So, Fritzl was doing it right, except the sex thing?

Draminicaus 0

Holy shit, you're a girl! O_O Sorry, I was really tired and not paying much attention. Also, I wasn't trying to insult you, just stating facts in a very cruel manner. I figured you were under the legal age and a spoiled little..well...punk. lol I'm one of those "Respect yo' elders!!" Nazi.

No harm done :) And I have to buy my own things since I was 15, so imagine how angry I was after my own mother decided to go on a bitch fit like that and throw out some stiff that I'd bought with my own money. I guess anyone would be angry too. I don't really respect all elders, only the SMART ones. Sometimes the age comes along not with experience, but with marasmus =_=

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HelloDeaadKitty 0

stop bitchin? dhats all you gotta say? dhatd some serious shit dumbbutt

lottery_ticket 0

you stop being a bitch

you stop bitchin you sperm guzzler.


killherspirit 0

Hahah don't you just LOVE it when moms clean your stuff out for you?

zp5 4

That sucks.

She probably started suspecting ever since your father named you Jochi and your brothers Orda and Batu. /obscure?

Pulling out a Genghis Khan reference there, eh Doc?

iSitt 0

all of a mongol's possessions can fit on the back of a truck

Hey Doc I was wondering, is the girl on your pictures yours ?

#70, yes. Doc puts pictures of his daughter.

Yup leroux, that's my daughter.

juicey_j 0

Thought It was winter???

She better replace what she threw out and/or dig through the trash for them.

perdix 29

That's just like you hoarders! Everything is worth much more than it would be in reality or otherwise it is "crucial." Let it go! Your mom's right.

dude do you not understand how important textbooks are for you school. and all that crucial work could determine how good he dose in school which can determine how successful he becomes?

Perdix, I'm sure you're laughing your ass off which is rendering you unable to reply. Allow me. SandSurpher, please do the world a favor and head straight to Look up "sarcasm" and then read the definition 749 times. Then come back here, reread perdix's comment, reread your reply, and then join in with the rest of us as we laugh at your stupid ass.

rallets 22

he didnt know you jagoff no need to be a cock about it :D but i guess youre just gonna type an essay on how im supposedly an idiot oh and hey...grammer...there you go, have at it

Rallets, I don't feed trolls. Piss off.

rallets 22

guess i win :P

In addition to what Doc here said before me; SandSurpher, just go look at a few other comments from Perdix. You have plenty to choose from, what with Perdix having over 6000 comments. After reading up on sarcasm as per Doc's suggestion, you SHOULD see a common theme to Perdix's comments... That is assuming your mental capacity is up to the task.

FuckMyEveryth1ng 0

Well it's not like everyone who comments is a regular on FML and do you expect someone to do a full backround check on every single person they reply to?

rallets 22

thats what i tried to explain to them but theyre just pretentious cunts which is why they deleted my previous comments

Filitov: Your own mental capacity clearly limits your correct use of punctuation.

Sandsurpher, not filitov. (Your use of punctuation more than satisfactory.)

Aww, poor rallets. Poor, poor rallets. Who is this mysterious "they" who selectively deletes your comments? You sound pretty paranoid to me. But that's just my pretentious, cunty opinion.

rallets 22

thought you didnt feed trolls? -_- just piss off already

FuckMyEveryth1ng 0

Just stop. Really, there is no point in trying to insult the mods. They can twist whatever you say to make you look like an idiot, delete your comment altogether, or banish you to a foreign planet as you listen to Justin Beiber's "Baby" at full volume and stare at a donkey violate a woman. Js

I would like to go to that planet.

Walk into her room, and throw her things out. Or better, pack them into a bag and drive them off to a local dumpster. And tell her that once she tries going through your stuff again, this will repeat.

LightningLadyy 0

Hahaha niiiice!

I did that to mine. I also put a lock on my door and explained them that if they try to barge into my room, they're shoved out.

Your mum is a pushover. You would be out of my house so fast your shadow would still be standing around looking confused.

Nah, she isn't. And I'd go straight to the relatives and write a petition to the local CPS services (I was a minor at that time). Then she'd have no other choice but to shut the fuck up and take me in. Or jail :D

milakitty21 0

hahahaha!!!! that cracked me up!!

If he/she does that, then the next thing his/her mom will throw away will be the author of the post