By SingleGirl - 07/09/2009 15:39 - United Kingdom

Today, my mum grounded me for going to my boyfriend's house instead of the library. She said my boyfriend's mum phoned up because she could hear us having it off in his room. When I denied it my mum shouted at me for being a liar as well as a slut. I did go to the library. FML
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Sucks when you get grounded for having a cheating boyfriend.

gosrisky 1

but then... whos he "havin it off with", ouch


That sucks badly

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yep thats probably true!

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OP you have a hell of a boyfriend. Sucks totally. :(

this is the most british fml evar.

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i call bs

guess what the bf was doing...

Wtf is wrong with you?! That someone deserves to be cheated on if they weren't good looking? You're probably a lard ass munching on doughnuts as you're typing. Grow up you douche, learn how to be sensitive.

You're probably a barbie who got dumped from her boyfriend for a much more appealing person. Go take a long look in the mirror before you start judging people for not being attractive.

gosrisky 1

but then... whos he "havin it off with", ouch


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Well, that sucks. =(

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Sucks when you get grounded for having a cheating boyfriend.

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sucks when you have parents that ground you.. what kind of punishment is that ???

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That's horrible. FYL

That's just laaaaame, FYL.

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its Mum, in the UK, only Americans say Mom, FAIL

Bahahahahaha, fool.

Ugh, she is from the United Kingdom.

CDS09 0

whats wrong with mum? I'm American, I say mom, but still, mum sounds cooler.

i worry about people like you FYL, good luck finding a good bf

Unregistered 0

lmao more like in the UK they say mum but in every other english speaking place they say mom

You're incredibly ignorant, it amazes me.

considering the english invented the english language, i think we know how to speak correctly

#40 WIN WIN :)

Unregistered 0

lmao basterdised version is better and its the british not the english lmao

Jincos 0

#40, yeah you invented it indeed, but that doesn't mean you branch off of it. Learn to use mother or father instead of 'mum', I wanna hit you in the face whenever I see mum.

No its English...

You fail to amuse me with your stupidity, Unregistered. She deserves bad things because she doesn't talk like you? For that, she's lucky because you must be one of the biggest idiots I've ever had the misfortune to stumble across on this website. Let me explain something to you, and hopefully that blank space of air in your head that you call a brain will find a way to absorb the information. You see, everybody's cultures and languages are not the same as your own. People speak differently. In the UK, "mum" is widely used. So stop being an ignorant dumbass (if that's possible) because no one wants to be sickened by your stupidity anymore.

Well, actually English refers to someone from England whereas British could be anyone from the British Isles, including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland...and since back in the day the other 4 countries used to speak Gaelic rather than English and even their version of English greatly differed from the "proper" English, saying "the English invented the English language" is not all that wrong :P

the_stereotype 0

you know what, the country is no longer called England nor is it called Britain. Second of all, mum is slang/vernacular for you're whole argument is pointless

ghostgirll 0

unregistered fails miserably. to add to everyone else who brought him/her down it's actually not 'mom' in every other english-speaking country. new zealand, australia, england, and parts of canada are just a few that use 'mum' instead of 'mom'. PS. #53, go make a play-date with unregistered.

Yeah you have fun calling someone from Ireland British. ____________________________

I use Mum, Ma, and Mom. I'm from North America too! Oh, shocker! Anyway OP: That blows. You get in trouble for having a boyfriend cheat on you. Your mother thinks you were doing something you shouldn't... God damn, your boyfriend (or ex now, I would think) is going to have to explain A LOT.

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lmao nobody uses mum in north america unless they want a face full of broken

Amysbodybetrayal 0

#74---If those two go on a playdate together, who's going to supervise them? Little children should be watched over at all times. They might hurt themselves with their stupidity! English isn't the only language that changed when it branched off in other colonies. Spain "invented" the Spanish language, but they pronounce some letters differently and use different words to get the same concept across than the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. I don't know why we make such a big deal over the difference between the different forms of English. If you can understand what they're saying, there's not a problem. If you can't understand them, look it up.

bskballa92 0

Is this feed the troll day?

Unregistered 0

lmao my troll life is complete i got a moderator to post under me :D :D :D i want haz troll cookie now

Amysbodybetrayal 0

No no no, if you edit it to dad then the trolls will win the Internet! O.o Just feed Unregistered those cute little dinosaur shaped cookies, but keep the mum part of the FML the same!

wrong its the other way round lazy americans that write mom btw english came from the english(from the UK) and americans just changed it so it would be easier

Bullshit he probably would change it to "Dud" or something mOm is the correct spelling :P

Bullshit the mod would probably change it to "Dud" or something instead of Dad mOm is the correct spelling __________________________________

DUD LOL! up until i was about 11-12 i called my mother "mama" now i call her mom but i learned 'mama' from when i lived in holland then picked up "mom" when i moved to canada.

I dare you to tell an Irish person they're British. Go on. Double dare ya.

Unregistered 0

irish people are just another breed of british they are the retarded drunk 1 chromozone missing red headed step son's

Well, you might have invented the language, but we perfected it and came up with more practical words. The Chinese invented pasta, but the best pasta's Italian.

OMFG unregistered, why don't you come down here to Australia (where we use Mum by the way, and bloody proud of it) and use "Mom" in your gay american accent and we'll show you what a true broken face looks like ya loud muth fucking retard!!

Unregistered 0

lmao gay american accents lots of patriotic americans would beg to differ about the gayness of america and how fucking useless australlia is

yeah, right, cos languages are invented, right? the English invented English and Ben Franklin invented electricity.

Yes, Unregistered. That's what the Irish are. Funny to me that I'm not drunk at all, nor know any alcoholics, and must have a hundred times your IQ. Way to prove yourself, once again, to be the biggest idiot ever. And try proper grammar sometime, if that's possible, so that maybe people can decipher your gibberish.

A face full of broken eh #90? I think saying "mum" sounds less obnoxious than "MOM!!!! People on FML are burying my comments again!"

Wow, unregistered. You must be really unintelligent, uncultured, and ignorant. Basically, you're an idiot.

tab_ga1990 0

Unregistered. You, my friend, are in the group of people that give America a bad rep. Wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have idiots like you. No country is useless. And who cares what "Patriotic Americans" think when it comes to accents. I like my country, and it wouldn't be gay if your and your ignorant group of people didn't exist. You hate them saying the comments about your country, but you are saying so much worse about other countries.

CDS09 0

what #141 said... I'm American, I dont care if you say mom, mum, mother, ma, mama, whatever....WHO CARES Poor OP Poor people who actually get pissed at slight differences in words and accents and want to hand out (if thats the right term) "faces full of broken". Differences make the world fun! If someone isn't speaking in a foreign language while pointing at you, then let it go.

"Mum" sounds way better than "Mom" and I'm from the U.S. ;) So haters, STFU!

way to make an idiot of yourself by saying a chromoSome is missing. OMG retard.

I think you will find that the word Mum predates mom, so actually if you want to get all upity about it, it is the americans that have it "wrong" but personally i just think that there are just mulitple ways of expressing the same thing.

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ScoobyDoo22 0

English did not make the English language. It was the Anglo Saxons.

Unregistered 0

lmao you guys haha trying to prove a point about how "ignorant" i am and "uncultured" lmao thats funny because ive lived in 4 countries so you can suck it. I was born and raised in Cyprus (Learned Greek) I stayed with my grandma in Russia (Learned Russian) I moved to Czech Republic (Learned Czech) I moved to Canada (Learned English/French) Ive traveled to Egypt/France/Brazil and Japan and guess what? Im 14! The fact that you are all probably older then 14 and have only traveled to a neighbouring city is pretty sad hey? guess what maybe you should get fucking cultured and auctually travel somewhere and not sit in your god dam house searching that shit on the web So its pretty funny how you can call me uncultured after ive fucking traveled half the globe while you probably havent gone so far as to get out of your tri-state area btw if you havent fucking noticted I AM TROLL-IN-G god dam you guys are fucking retarded please read the comments before you "do the thumbs down" and bury it honestly your fighting me because I said mum isnt the right way to say mom lmao

blah blah blah

Ha, way to be presumptuous. I'm from North Wales and have been all over the UK and lived in England for four terms in college. I've been to France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Austria. I can speak Welsh, English, French, and German. So before you decide for yourself that no one is as cultured as you are, you should rethink decisions based on assumptions. And by the way, trolling is pretty pathetic.

Actually you can say British or English. Both are correct you dumb piece of shit, now stop making Americans look bad.

the_coon_fml 0

wait who"s a moderator? and how do you kno they are?

mo_the_owl 0

I really think we need to start recognizing that people nit-pick to start these conflicts. Anyone who's honestly never heard "mum" lives under a rock. Don't feed the trolls.

the_coon, Anyone can be. The red link at the top of the site saying "moderate the FMLs" is how you become one. You do it for however long you like, then quit. There are also the FML staff that have the power to edit comments, FML posts, etc. They are marked by "(FML staff)" with their username and a red ribbon on their comments.

LOL oh this is a great debate! it's sad that down here in Oz most of our youth have been copying the yanks and a lot of their culture though. i'd much rather, dare i say it, that we copy the Poms! I know right, i never thought i'd say that lol and i know that not all americans are as bad as the stereotype but fuck there are a lot that are! how many of you americans have actually been out of your country or own a passport? you guys actually think that kangaroos hop down the streets of our main cities, i love that one lol oh and just a question for the poms on here,(completely off topic btw) i can't quite understand why you guys make such a big deal over winning the ashes? you celebrate it for weeks and give your cricketers medals for christs sake, make the most of it while you can i guess :P hehe, peace!

oh and to #185 'aquilo'; at least they have a sense of humor and know that there is actually life Outside of the USA! shit i can't believe i actually stood up for you poms then lol

mo_the_owl 0

#188: I'm an American and I have a passport. I've lived in both Germany and France and speak both languages and I've traveled to Italy, Switzerland, England, Austria, Belgium, most of the Caribbean and much of Central America, as well. -Oh, and I sure as hell don't think you have fucking kangaroos on your main streets. Please do us of us a favor and try not to buy into all of the anti-American propaganda. I am embarrassed to say I'm from the same country as these ignorant loudmouths but I think it's safe to say that if I went to Australia it would take far less than a day to find at least one narrow-minded dumb ass.

#190 how do know if you haven't been there

oh oh and i said of our Capital cities too mate, we actually do get the occasional kangaroo in our streets out here in the bush! had a pet one too, crazy mofo's!

andlifesuxagain 0

English was not invented by the English you idiots, at best it was modified by them. It is derrived from Latin, way to take credit for something not yours.

Aquilo, do you know what the hell you're even talking about? Well, I'm from Ireland and I've vacationed in Chicago, Los Angeles, Cancun, and Tokyo. Last summer I had an internship in New York City. And no, I don't know any redneck-y drunken potato-farmers.

mo_the_owl 0

sorry, i meant "main city streets". In the bush I can definitely imagine that. I, myself, had a mountain lion in my yard once haha -though i didn't try to keep it as a pet. ;]

Australia is English-speaking and they say mum here too :) But you guys can't even spell aluminium lol

and neither can you

Intellectualist 0

Just because the Americans raped OUR language and turned it into an ugly thing, full of awful spelling and a whiney accents. Us brits can't help that, it's not our fault, other english speaking places have to go along with what the American version is, because let's face it, 9 out of 10 yanks are far too stupid to understand english if it was spoken and spelled properly. A good day to you. I feel sorry for all you American's with a brain, it's the useless internet morons and George Bush and his followers that give you a bad name.

yourexgirlfriend 0

you know whats ultimately ironic about this language/dialect debate? Mom is the proper Old English way of referring to your mother, the word Mum being a slang term developed by the cockney slums of England in the Victorian Era. For some double irony, the nation of America is a direct descendant of England as the English were the first dominant settlers of North America (the Spanish exempted), meaning that the American language is indeed derived from England, or in a more derrogative way of stating which you people will most likely understand, the English indeed "own" the American language. YET, the Americans have retained the proper Old English way of referring to their Mothers. So i guess you both win, and you both lose. But i can't really talk, as i am also part of this irony. I'm Australian, therefore I am a descendant of the convicts from England, yet Australia, statistically, is now a much better place to live. Hooray for living on Planet Irony

sandwichbait 0

Dammit #227, where were you before the flame war started? How many people couldn't resist responding to something that obvious?....Well...I learned something. About history and language. I could use this as research someday. -.- Anywayz...I'm gonna pwn all of you. Muhahahhaa- "A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool because he has to say something" Gotta love proverbs.~~♪


Now this is a true FML. I'm sorry, OP. :/

"...'Cause I'll be there in the back of your mind From the day we met to the very last night And it's just too bad you've already had the best days The best days of your..." Because I'm assuming you dumped him :D

wow you should throw a book in his face.