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That sucks, I'd check the house before searching, Tbh.

hahaha your mom is awesome


hahaha your mom is awesome

YDI for keeping your dog in the basement ?!

Honestly, how? How is that wrong at all? The dog could be out and about all other times, but their kennel is in the basement for nighttime, so they don't run amuck in the house unsupervised. But, nope, the OP obviously deserves to have to get up and run at 4:30 in the morning. I swear, people just try to look for "YDI"s for no apparent reason. I don't understand.

I think the only solution to this is that #40 doesn't know what a basement is.

Well, I don't have a basement.. But, I just keep the dog outside..


40, my dog prefers the basement over anywhere

That sucks, I'd check the house before searching, Tbh.

We'll if it was their dog it would of got away

Yea that makes sense. Check the house when you see a dog that looks identical to yours running down the street

oh forgot to be an asshole FIRST!!!!!

Damn, that sucks. Reminds me of when my neighbor tried to get me to help catch her Chihuahuas at 5 in the morning.

LOLOL what a great april fools joke! ill have to keep that in mind!!

lol we let our dog run he always comes back. sucks for you

I know how that goes, OP. When my old dog was a puppy he found his way out of the house and ran down the street. It took us awhile to catch him. At least you did a good deed and caught your neighbor's dog.

weel u got your neighbours dog didn't ya? bet they'll be pleased

YDI for having a dog, and for living next to someone with a dog, without killing it.