By simon
Today, my mother, who insists on sticking her nose into every aspect of my life, found out I'm only "middle management" and called my boss to criticize her for undervaluing me, demanding I be promoted immediately. I am now the laughingstock of my office. FML
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By  Zachary8261  |  28

Next family dinner, bring up how much of an overly protective and overly nosy psycho she is. She’ll be the laughingstock if the family. You may get grounded, but it’s worth it.

By  CoyoteOldOne  |  17

Sounds like it's time to start leaving brochures for old age homes for people with dementia around the house. Maybe next to some handwritten notes to each, like: "has plenty of rats, but a little expensive expensive," or "takes insurance, was on tv last month for elder abuse, must call after 9am for reservations."

By  BeachMammal  |  8

It says something about the people you work with that they would make you a laughingstock over this. They seem to lack understanding and compassion. But that's not unusual -- so many people laugh at other people's misfortune. People are so screwed up.