By Anonymous / Friday 10 February 2012 21:07 / Belgium
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  n_epic_fail  |  14

Better to have her worried about global warming than spending thousands on 2012 propaganda. But what woman can forget the day she gave birth?! I have Images burned into my head and I wasn't the one popping out a child....

  cooLING  |  0

#35, Climate Change is called so because it better describes the more intense weather occurring globally in recent years. Also, it appears you are not looking at the larger trend of intense temperature and weather patterns over the last few decades and are simply picking less than a decade as your proof. Remember to read all the data and articles you come across about climate change rather than picking random bits of data which may be out of context just because you want to appear correct. Another danger is listening to climate change articles not written by a scientist that sounds good but doesn't have the data to support it.

  cooLING  |  0

#20, even if they had dementia, somebody else would have informed the parent. Or if OP knows she has dementia, OP wouldn't be so offended but rather depressed over the parent's deterioration. I'm slightly offended by your comment because my father died of Alzheimer's disease almost a month ago. I spent half my life knowing he was going to die (I was born when he was middle aged). I know you didn't mean that as offensive but please, don't joke about that.

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