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  lesb_lv  |  0

Thats why its healthier not to inform your mother about your private life, including sexual preferences and gf ;) Especially if u r an only child.

  Scrantoncity  |  0

24 you can't be serious. so basically you choose to believe in hell but you make up a story about who goes there. good try. I'm sure you've heard of Christianity... yeah well that's the one true infallible religion. the Bible has never been proven wrong.

  Apocalyptus  |  0

'The bible has never been proved wrong'? Seriously? Have you even read it? I don't have a problem with people having their own beliefs, but don't use parts of your religious text to justify discriminating against people when you haven't even read the whole thing. I have read the Bible, and let me tell you there is a lot of contradictions and weird shit in there. Did you know that according to the Bible, if you get raped in the city you deserved it because you didn't scream loud enough?

  wordgirl  |  0

You make yourself sound stupid when you say things that are not true. Why do people insist on wearing blinders when it comes to religion? And why do the extremists come crawling out to proselytize on a frivolous website like this? That kind of behavior only exposes your intolerance and blows gaping holes in the whole "peace and love" veneer that you guys project.

  jpest17  |  5

being gay is not natural, the people who are"gay" are "gay" because their parents failed to show by example how you should act around the oposite sex.


How does hating fags make him a homophobe? I hate taxes...does that make me a taxophobe? I don't agree with 0bozo...does that make me a Hussienophobe?? (NO, cause I ain't afraid of pussies).

  Apocalyptus  |  0

@#53 'A new review made in 2009 of existing research showed that Same-sex behavior is a nearly universal phenomenon in the animal kingdom, common across species.'
Not natural? Hmmmm.

  Ascaryrobot  |  0

It's true, babies can be created with 2 female parents or 2 male parents.
Artificial sperm can be created with female DNA and in the case of 2 male parents an artificial womb and egg can be created for them. So really you can have kids through science if you're willing to look in the right places.

By  quelbaby  |  0

aww I feel bad for u n ur gf.. I'm straight but I have heaps of gay friends, both male and female.. n some of them got the same treatment.. ur mum will get over it x

By  Scourge87  |  0

You should suggest you hit on any guys you come across and have unprotected sex so she can have some grandkids, then she can take care of them "until you get over your lesbian thing".