By Anonymous - United States
Today, my mother told my therapist that I've been reverting to childlike behavior and she was worried about my maturity. She was worried because I screamed hysterically after dropping a pot of boiling noodles on my lap. FML
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  tcdaboss  |  2

I could handle burns but to the crotch i think anyone would scream. Thats one hell of a rite of passage. Only him and the coffee lady from mcdonalds are in that group.

  oj101  |  33

I made a blood curdling scream when a red back spider launched itself off the wall towards me whilst I was still only in my towel after I came out of the shower because I was trying to kill it. Mum still makes fun of me about it even after a week

  Sandman366  |  6

Give that story and this "Orly? I do what then? ", the therapist should say the mother is reverting to immaturity (or at least overprotection).

By  BlowinChronic  |  18

Water the chances of that happening? I bet it really made your temper boil that your mom thought you were acting childish. Maybe there is a pastability to get out of going to the therapist after you explain the situation.

By  Maycontainnuts  |  17

Are you sure that's the only reason though? It might be the trigger, but chances are she's been picking up on signs a lot if she's mentioned it to the therapist. Otherwise ask her to explain examples to the therapist and if that's all she's got the therapist will get your side and explain to your Mum that the reaction was pretty normal.

By  Paintonmyarms214  |  21

Gah, that sounds painful! Sorry OP that your mother's a bitch. Why is that childlike behavior? I want to see how she reacts to having boiling noodles dumped on her lap, and we'll see how 'childlike' she is.