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By  tepovre  |  18

The FML really depends on your age here.. As uncomfortable it would be, that conversation wouldn't disturb me to the point of having to write an FML about it. That is if she held back on the details...

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

I agree with you number 1. But what OP said could mean 2 different things - how many months their parents tried to get pregnant, or how long one episode of sex lasted. The latter is disturbing but not the first. My parents tried 9 years before they had my older sister.

  chlorinegreen  |  27

The whole "one time without a condom won't hurt" is how long it took me to get pregnant. Hope my daughter isn't as stupid when it comes to sex later on...
Literally one freakin time.

  chlorinegreen  |  27

I'll let ya know ;) lol of course I love my baby girl wouldn't want it any other way! But let's be honest... Pregnancy is a bitch. I'm sorry to everyone who takes that offensively. I've been puking, light headed and haven't been able to poop regularly in months. Yes I said poop.

By  FemskyD  |  26

Parents need some manners xD my dad decided to inform me how his cock keeps falling out of his boxers when he walks The dog.. On which my mom responded yeah cuz it doesnt fit... Cant pick your family -.-