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  MissMess  |  12

That's not very true. I don't live at home but I have three younger siblings who still do and I make an effort to be a part of their lives. Two of those have been born since I left and I'm just as much their sister as I am to the ones I grew up with.


Wow 10, even if she wasnt close to the younger sibling, I would hope the sibling would still MATTER to OP. All of my extended family matters to me, even the ones im not close to.

  xMidna  |  6

29 maybe they live in separate states. My boyfriends dad began fostered two kids and my boyfriend didn't know until a few months later and they're pretty close. The both of them are just pretty busy.

By  Rommel1942  |  9

I remember being taught "you should tell your parents everything"... Apparently they don't have to tell you important things like they're pregnant or engaged or anything important like that...

  outoftown  |  26

Guessing mom and OP are estranged, since OP didn't know about the pregnancy or engagement. Mom texting suggests OP may not take mom's calls, and mom wanted OP to do something quickly.

By  Maraudera  |  6

Um, I am wondering how OP didn't notice the baby bump during the pregnancy. And if it was because OP and their mum aren't close, OP doesn't have the right to be annoyed.

  Bibliovore  |  26

If OP lives some distance away from the mother and hadn't seen her in several months (or fewer if the mother is sufficiently overweight), it'd be easy not to notice.

When I was in junior high, a friend of mine's heavy mother gave birth without my ever having known she was pregnant -- and I'd seen her less than a week before the baby was born.

  Andreh  |  11

Well, they probably are. Since OP is not seeing his/her mother from at least 4 month, chances are he/she lives on his/her own, so OP can't be underage... And the mother must be over 30 (I don't really want to think she had her first baby at 13).

But I don't see the problem about their age, the only thing that makes me think is that they don't seem to talk/see each other.